Challenge Day 6 - 5 People That Mean A Lot & Some Random Pics

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 People That Mean A Lot (to me)

Hmmm.... I really hope so!!!
So in thinking about this challenge question the easy way out would be for me to choose my parents and my kids... that's 5. Obviously they mean a lot to me... duh... but I don't want the easy choice.  I want to dig  a little deeper because when I really think about it I have a lot of folks in my life that are pretty darn meaningful to me! I am going to go with a "right now" theme here and go with those who mean the most to me at this very moment in my life.... in no particular order.

H- She is my bestie and number one trouble twin. It's Tuesday morning and I am already drinking Gatorade so I will give you one guess what bestie and I did last night. Her mom is in town and we sat on my deck and pounded grape until it was gonzo. I love her to death even though she drives me nuts sometimes. She always gives it to me straight. I don't go to her for sympathy but I get tough love and she tells me what I need to hear. Everyone needs an H.

Every single Mom with a deadbeat ex needs a cup like this. And I should buy stock in Gatorade Glacier Freeze.

D - My brother... he is the male version of me only much more level headed and disciplined than I am. He always knows how to solve a problem and he is so calm about everything and just so matter of fact. I have had to call him bawling my eyes out more than once over the last few years and he never freaks out, he just listens and says calm reassuring things. He bails me out when I need it too and I am ever so grateful for that. I don't know what I would do without my big brother.

M- Ok so this one might be a little weird and hard to understand. M is a guy that I met last year. He was working here in Atlanta on a contract for 6 mos. I was in the throes of my divorce and it was not a good time for me to be dating much less considering a relationship. But we seem to have a connection, a weirdly familiar comfortable one. He went back to Chicago  where he lives but we have kept in touch for the last 9 mos. and our friendship has deepened. I am not sure where this will go but we are thinking about maybe taking it a step further. He's coming to visit me for my birthday in a few weeks and I can't wait to see him. He makes me feel good every day.

R - Another weird one. R is a friend I have known for about 12 years now... wow! Hard to believe. We were couple friends back in the days when we were all happily married. Or so we thought, turns out none of us were happily married at all. So we've seen each others kids grow up, gone through divorces together, had a little fling along the way when were both single. But we are just friends now and better that way I think. He is my rock of a friend that motivates me to take what is mine. He calls me to check on me. He hates my ex more than I do for what he has put me through. He is someone who I can always turn to for support. He showed me that I still had love left to give at  time when I thought I never would love again. If we ever got the timing right we would probably be together. Sadly... I have the worst timing ever.

C - Did you ever have a friend that is just all good? Just sweet and easy and always there when you need her? That is my friend C. She doesn't get mad, she goes with the flow, she doesn't pick fights or cause problems. She is the definition of easy going. When I don't see her for awhile I miss her because it's just nice to be around her. I know I can call her anytime for any reason and she will always be there for me.

And some random pics from the weekend...
My littles...I got no sleep but they slept great with me.

My teen starts high school this week... she spent hours organizing and customizing her supplies.
Probably one of the best rolls I have had in awhile...

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