5k Mud/Obstacle Run - You mean I have to Train???

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First off let me start by saying that this is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I don't know why it's just a bucket list thing I guess. Let me also say that I am NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a runner. I am a wanna be runner though and I started experimenting with it last summer when I was super stressed and depressed going thru my divorce. Yes, I am the moron brilliantine that decides to start running for the first time in her life in July... in Georgia. And it was pretty awful at first. I couldn't breathe it was so hot and I never thought it was possible to be so wet and not be swimming or in the shower. Trust me... it's totally possible. The first few times I went out I didn't know what the hell I was doing (which I know seems odd cause you would think you just like... run Forrest run... like in the movies or something) and I had to walk a lot. Then I down loaded the C25k app and started following that and it helped alot. I am a Virgo, I need order and I need a plan. I can't just do anything willy nilly, that shit cray.

So my bestie and I ran/walked our first 5k in October of last year and it was super cool and fun. I did not feel like a runner though I felt like a fat blob runner wanna be, especially when I got passed by a guy with a broken leg running on crutches. No shit, that dude was fast too, B and I were like "W.T.F. we got serious issues" passed by a guy on crutches... you cannot be serious!!!! But we had fun, and then somewhere around the 6 weeks of Christmas I fell off the wagon, hard.  Then the wagon backed it's ass up and ran over me and offered me a shot or twenty of Fireball on New Years Eve and running went by the wayside for six months give or take a hot minute.

Why anyone would bother doing this I have no clue.

So here we are. B. and I have signed up for a mud/obstacle 5k this time in November. I am also running a 5k with my daughter in October. I haven't trained for anything like this ever but the coolest thing I think about 5k's is if you can commit to 3 days a week minimum you can train and do just fine. So that was my plan, then I saw this...

Mud Run Training: Running endurance
Day 1 & 2 Sprint training:
Easy run to warm up-about a mile
Sprint work: Find a hill, (length and steepness is up to you)  For each rep sprint up the hill and walk down. Then repeat.
Slow steady jog for 1 mile

Day 3 Race pace run:
Fast trail run-no treadmills or sidewalks, get off road and run over uneven terrain. Run at least 3 miles at race pace and time yourself.

And this....

Mud Run Training Strength program:
Circuit 1:
  1. Dumbbell or kettle bell thruster-holding weight at shoulder level, squat down, press weight over head as you stand up out if the squat in one smooth motion
  2. Push-up
  3. Dumbbell or kettlebell swing
  4. Dumbbell or kettlebell Renegade row
  5. Walking lunge with dumbbells or kettlebells
  6. Knee ins from push up position- get into a push up position and draw one knew in towards your elbow, alternate sides.
*perform each as many reps as possibly of each movement for 1 minute.

Circuit 2:
  1. Dumbbell or kettlebell snatch
  2. Dumbbell or kettlebell alternating step up
  3. Dumbbell or kettlebell overhead press
  4. Dumbbell or kettlebell swing
  5. Chin-up/ pull down
  6. Dumbbell or kettlebell windmill
WTF... hill sprints, kettlebells, trail running??? as in off the sidewalk???

Now I know that all of you marathon runners out there are laughing right now but this scares the pants off me, which is not good cause if you read my blog you know I am usually commando. Can I do this?? I suck at finishing what I start. Except for my marriage and divorce, I finished those two up like a champ. And wine, I am fanfuckingtastic pretty good  at polishing that off too. But a training program, sticking to it and following thru so I don't fall on my face like a fool at the race?? ( hey that rhymes... cool)  Hmmm... I know I can do it... but how? I bet if I just cut out reality TV that solves the time problem right there. It's the stick-to-it-tive-ness that I am lacking. Wish me luck and give me some tips! I know a lot of you are pros out there... share the love!!

P.S. - Really Ruckus??? Is it really necessary for me to see this??? Who does one of these things in a bikini top and little boy shorts anyway???

Happy Huuuuuump Daayyyyy!

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