Energy Doesn't Lie...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If you make decisions very pragmatically, good for you. I don't anymore. I try to go with my gut. And I have some of the most amazing people in my life that I am continually really drawn to (for lack of a more fitting word) because they have that kind of energy too. 

I would consider myself a fairly practical person in most senses. I am not some hippie type , crystal rubbing, granola head who wears birks and smokes hookah. I have done all of those things incidentally and I don't hate any of it, it's just not the larger part of my persona. But I do tend to talk about vibes and energy a good bit, which gets me some side eye here and there but, I really don't care. 

We all have different ways of navigating thru life, for making decisions, for better or for worse. I have been doing my best to navigate thru my little shit storm for quite some time now. I used to make decisions based on what "seemed" like the right thing to do, the most logical, the most acceptable among my friends and family even. Shudder.... how did I do that??? One of the biggest things I have learned over the last few years is that I have to listen to the energy. I know, I know... just stay with me here. 

Everything, every person especially I think, has energy. I think I have become much better at not ignoring the way the energy attached to people makes me feel. Every time something is going on in my world I know instinctively who I can and can't call on if I need them. More importantly even who I want to call on and share it with. Who will lift me up, offer support and empower me because sometimes that's all I need. Sometimes I need actual tangible things and it's usually the same people who are ok with helping there too. Although every single friend I know says... let me know if you need anything. You kind of know in your gut who means it. 

I have friends that I love dearly but I don't share a lot with them. Some can't comprehend because our lives are so different, some are just not empathetic, some offer too much advice that is not always helpful. Some are just plain not happy with their own lives and I always feel with those a tiny element of  "I'm secretly glad I am not the only one who is miserable" which is a down right horrible energy to be on the receiving end of. Those are the friends you go drinking with. They will be your best friend in the bathroom too. 

Moral of the post...  I have great friends and they are the ones that make me feel good, even though they might not get my shit, they never make me feel bad. I will never think twice about putting distance between me and the crappy energy some people exude. And I thank God for the good people and vibes every day. I really, really do. 

And now I really want a Hamsa tattoo.... add it to the list.


  1. I'm all about Hamsa's I have one hanging in my house and I love it. love this post girl, sending out good energy into the world is what it's all about. I think the more good energy we send out the more good energy we get back.

  2. I posted on this today too! The value of true friends. Not the bullshit ones.

  3. Love this! It's always good to surround yourself with good energy. As they saying goes, the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you! :)

  4. I do not ever overthink for a second eradicating someone from my life who has constant bad or negative energy. Energy is a real thing and when you're in tune to it you can't have someone with daily bad energy in your life.

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