Friday Favorites....

Friday, November 7, 2014

So I haven't done a Friday Favorites post in a minute and given my week you might think I would just hate all the things and wish they were dead but... not true. I do hate some things right now but after a day of sitting here and thinking about it, I am trying hard to stay positive. In case you missed it I lost my job this week due to a RIF. That's a Reduction In Force, fancy word for we are done with you so get the fuck out and don't let the door hit ya! See ya later bye. On the pos I was pretty much firmly entrenched in the I hate my job mindset anyway so it's not like I lost my dream job or anything. But.... planning to start looking for a job around the first of the year is not the same as getting laid off right before the holidays when no one is hiring. That is what really makes me want to throttle the owners of my former company. But, when you treat people like shit it comes back to bite you, ironically in the form of your business failing. Maybe I am lucky to get off the sinking ship before it's 6 feet under. I am trying not to be filled with rage and hate but.... there is some rage and hate. It comes in waves and thankfully so does Merlot.

Linking up with the beautiful Amanda.... So here we go....

I love the new FSU black uni's. But when are we actually going to wear them???? I think we should be wearing all black all the time for the rest of the season because well... everyone hates us and thinks we are bad. So lets just look like thugs, criminals, the bad guys, whatever. All black all the time I say. And you guys know what else I say about that..... #onceyougoblack

One of my new favorite places to shop is Aldi. Do you have an Aldi near you??? They just built one 2 minutes from my house and although it seems a little like a second hand store or a thrift shop for food I am kind of liking it. The whole premise is that everything is super cheap and the shopping experience is no frills. And it is. But I think I'm saving money so I'm good with bagging my own shit and buying no name knock off snack foods.

I am loving this song by Ariana Grande. All her music really. I am getting used to the fact that she sings without consonants and I dig it. And I dig that she wears cat ears a lot.

Gingers. I am really into Gingers right now. Specifically Ed Sheeran. So much so that I had to include another favorite song in this post. His voice... ugh. I love it!


When I get down and feeling sorry for myself the first thing I generally reach for after wine is pizza. And last night this happened in my house.

Little girl came home with a 40% off coupon code for some Papa John's to support her school last night. In an effort to support her school and my habit she got her cheese pizza and the boy and I got this ridiculous creation... Frito Chili Pizza. I did not hate it. I freaking loved it. No shame. Try it.

This was kind of cool too. Hoo Rag snagged my pic and posted it to their Instagram and gave me the cred of course. It got a few likes and I felt like that guy on the AT&T commercial....

And some other random stuff... its a pizza theme today....

I totally do....

I don't know why this just makes me laugh.

Drunk people drop shit. We totally do, I need these.

I do this every day...

And last but not least.... as I sat in the hot seat the other day I did not speak to or look at the chubster hag face on my left. But if I ever see her again and she dares speak to me you best believe these are the words that will cross my lips....

Cheers everyone! Have a great weekend, I'll just be here drinking wine and eating pizza:)


  1. I love Aldis! I use them for almost all of my staples. It's like half the price of the normal grocery strore. And I need those wine glasses!

  2. Oh girl I am so sorry to hear about your job, but you're right that company will get slapped with some good ol'fashion Karma!!

    I actually haven't heard that Ed Sheeran song yet and I just love everything he sings so this will be no exception!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. OMFG CUNTANESE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! that totally made my day!

  4. Oh, please let her cross your path. It needs to be said and she needs to hear it.

    I buy a lot of dairy, produce, meat, and tortilla chips at Aldi.

  5. hahaha...the rubber wine glass needs to be in my life!
    We have a holiday work party at the bosses house each year, and the first year I was a hot mess and broke like three of their glasses. So they made me a plastic one with a necklace and my name on it so I don't drop it, lose it, or have someone else drink out of it!! Happy Friday!!

  6. I'm so behind on blogging. I hadn't heard about your job. Sorry lady, but keep your head up. Better things always follow those shitty times.

  7. Who is that guy in the first video with him? I thought for a hot second it may be Chris Brown but then that hair so distracting!!! Thanks so much for linking up and with that sweet introduction :) I've been thinking about you girl!

  8. i LOVE aldi!!! Things are so cheap -- I wish there was one closer to us!

  9. Girl, I missed the part about losing your job!!!! I'm so sorry!!!! What a shitty time of year for that to happen. :(