Thursday Stream of Consciousness...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trying to break the internet with my new matte red lipstick from the dollar bin at Walgreens... and my big asset... LIPS.

I don't care of KKWest poses nude. Git it girl. Its a body, if you like it look at it, if you don't, look away. There are more important things to get irate and worked up about. It actually kind of makes me happy to see that she is not so thin that if she turnt sideways you'd miss her. She looks like she's having so much fun... she also looks like one of the pinheads on AHS Freakshow. Just my opinion.


So I am one week into my unemployment and I have to say... feeling much less like jumping off the nearest bridge. I haven't cried in a few days or felt overly sorry for myself. And I feel rested. It's funny, after having gone through this once before I feel like making this shift to the next phase is easier. I am still angry though...

And I have consumed way too much wine in the last week. 

Writing a new resume and shouting out all of your amazingness is awkward... I hate it. But my old one really blows so I'm scrapping it. Anyone good at reading/reviewing resumes???

My kids love me being here when they get home from school which makes me happy and a little sad too. My youngest never got to experience having a stay at home mom. A little gift for her:)

I don't know how I am going to craft a Christmas for these precious kiddoes of mine on the limited funds I have. This is stressing me out a little.

I made the best pot of chili yesterday. That's all.

I like big butts too... this from one of my beardy buddies on IG @beards_the_evolution_of_man ... you know you love it!!! Uh huh..... that's what I'm talkin bout...

My youngest has taken to making special afternoon snacks for us when she gets home from school I am not allowed in the kitchen during her process. Best one yet... Layered White Bread Nutella Cake with mini chocolate chips and a popcorn garnish... for crunch. How cute is she????



  1. the kim khardashian spoofs are hilarious! good luck with the job search. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a great jewelry giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. LOLOL @ breaking the internet with your dollar bin lipgloss. You go girl.

    I'm awful with resumes or I'd help you in a second. I always farm mine out to two friends who are good with them.

    Your daughter is too cute!

  3. I was just thinking you should feature more bearded men.. maybe make it a weekly thing?

  4. ok a) so jealous of your lips. mine are disappearing by the day
    b) i kind of agree with you on this Kim K thing. I hadn't really thought about it that way. I just haven't really thought much about it at all haha!