Weekending... Good Bye October And Eff You Very Much

Monday, November 3, 2014

Well here we are again and once again I am ill prepared. October is over and hopefully so is my run of minor catastrophe's.  I just can't seem to get my blogging rhythm going to get things done in advance. So for now I am and possibly will be forever fly by the seat of my pants type of gal. Moment to moment. That's me, uh huh.  So here is my weekend wrap up...

I didn't do much because... my car problemas continue. If it's not brakes or batteries apparently it's giant metal screws in tires. FML is all I have to say about that.

Except that I am taking this as a sign (because 3 things) that I need to get rid of this car. And if you think I'm joking I'm not. Bad things happen in 3's from my personal experience.

Halloween came and went and it was kinda boring. It was cold and rainy and the hood was half dead. I just wasn't really feeling it either. I remember when Halloween landing on a Friday would have meant epic drunk/party fest. This year I couldn't wait to retreat to a hot shower and my warm bed.

So I didn't do anything except kids stuff, football, house stuff and some cooking & baking for the week. Pumpkin Bread from The Frugal Girls was the star of the show.... I added the struesel topping cause I cut the sugar in the recipe in half. I thought 3 cups seemed like a lot. It's sooo good!!!

I also ate grilled cheese, drank chai tea lattes and wore no makeup for most of the time. I actually don't hate the weekends like this at all. The most satisfying part about all of this is that I spent no money this weekend. As in zero doll hairs people. I call that winning.

Which reminds me... I will be re-capping my results of the October Wallet Watch I did along with Steph sometime this week. I am actually excited to see how much $$$ I did not spend on food/booze. I can tell you that I did not make one, not one,  unplanned stop at the grocery store for the entire month of October. Hell. To. The. Yeah.

Just a couple of snaps for ya too.

I am going to try harder to be present here this week. It really does make for some good therapy for me.  I prayed this morning for some peace. Maybe the storm clouds that have been following me around will part for a moment. Would be good to feel some sunshine on my face.

Hey... I can drink Bourbon now that it's a new month. That's a plus right there. Cheers!


  1. I really hope November and the rest of the year pans out well for you!! I can't wait to hear about your wallet watch!!

  2. car troubles this weekend was kind of funny. We decided to play a cd and now we can't change it back to the radio. Nor will it eject any cd's. It's like the buttons are frozen or something. I read up and think it's a matter of pulling fuses out of some box but the chances of me ending up electrocuted or covered in engine oil are high so I'll leave that to the husband!!
    My wallet watch is simple...I dump 99% of all of my money into paying off debt and am then too poor to buy "fun" items like booze. Boo to that!!

  3. 2nd blog in a row that talked about grilled cheese... god that sounds so good right now! hahaha
    Don't even get me started on car problems. Mine looks okay on the outside but is a PIECE OF ACTUAL SHIT on the inside, hahahaha!

  4. I LOVE STREUSEL! Nothing not to love about streusel topping.. I hope you get the car situation worked out. I used to have a bunch of problems with my previous car, so getting rid of it turned out to be the best solution for me.

  5. here's to a better november for you. and YES to pumpkin bread! that's pretty much all i made in october :)

  6. I need some grilled cheese in my life.

    Cheers to a better November!

  7. We need to live closer, you're always making food that I want to eat!

    Cheers to November.