Once In Love With Amy.... #Blogtober14 Facts About Me

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So today is the day to write the about me post if you are doing the Blogtober14 thing with Helene and Tay. I can't resist these cause it's pretty easy to just spew some random shit about me that y'all don't know yet so here we go....

I was named after the song "Once In Love With Amy" by Ray Bolger, the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz. True story. My Dad liked the song when he was just a kid and decided if he ever had a daughter that would be her name. About 30 years later I came along. This was our Father Daughter dance at my wedding. Go ahead... get ya tissues... I'll wait.

I hate feet, like with a passion. I will cut you if you put yours on me or near me. My kids baby feet were the only exception but once they started looking like real feet... uh uh. I had to teach them all how to cut their own toenails very early cause .... I'm gagging now... let's move on.

I like the frosting better than the cake. I'll eat it all before the cake or just throw away the cake and save the calories. If I see someone leave the frosting behind I am secretly very sad and want to ask them if I could have it. But I don't.

I think I have a touch of the medium in me. I dream about stuff all the time before it happens. Totally random shit, like someone calling me, or running into them. And then it happens and I'm always looking around like is this happening?? One of my girlfriends says you can talk/think it up and make it happen. Money, money, money, money.... yeah that never works.

I love cold weather. I would rather be frozen to the core than sweating balls. If summer was like a month long I would be in heaven.

I am the vault, the keeper of secrets. If you tell me something I will take it to the grave. And if  you don't return the favor I will keep all my good stuff to myself. Or I will tell you something completely false on purpose.

I love my kids to death but not having them every other weekend is absolute fucking heaven. I am one of those parents that needs the kids to just skee-daddle on a regular basis. No shame. Amy needs Amy time.  How do those people have 19 kids or sister wives??? I would shoot someone if there were that many people around me all the time.

 I can live on Macaroni and Cheese. I am positive of this.

Wine is my biggest vice.

I rarely if ever ask for help, even when I am clearly about to crash and burn. Can't do it.

I will likely never get married again but I will shack up like Kurt and Goldie. Especially if he can make pizza.

If I could swing it I would get all the tattoos I want, spend half of every day in the gym, get in the most awesome shape of my life and become an alternative but old model and just sit around in my underwear having someone take pictures of me all day long. And get paid for it. Put prolly have to give up pizza so maybe not.

That's what.

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  1. lol thats why i dont have kids right now -- i love me time. aw kurt and goldie, love them! awwwwww that song and your name and your dad, so cute!! my mum always sang 'my little angel' to me growing up (its not a popular song, and it was an aussie guy) and i surprised her at my wedding and we danced to it, and we both bawled like babies. it was awesome.

  2. I would've totally done the Kurt & Goldie thing.

    Your name story is adorable.

  3. I was named after a song too - my mom's favorite classic song. I also could live on mac and cheese, but I'm opposite with you on temperatures and cake. Give me the cake part and the 102 degrees over frosting and 32.

  4. Oh man. I love to have my feet rubbed. I make all my friends rub my feet. It is required in our friendship. So I highly suggest you start liking feet.


    I was named after Natalie Wood. But... I don't think so. My name is Natalie Blair. That is the fat, dorky chick and the hoe from The Facts of Life. Either way I can't escape the fat dorky chick and hoe... because Blair became the not so hot, fat chick and Natalie became the pretty girl. WTF.

  5. kids are awesome but sometimes they just need to not be there, even if it's for 3 hours or so. like you, i don't know how some moms NEVER take me time...i would punch myself in the face if i wasn't able to get some breathing room.

  6. Love the name story. "But I would probably have to give up pizza so maybe not." LOL - story of my life. Happy Halloween!!