Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

If Loving Pumpkin Spice Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right- Ruffles with Love - Racerback Tank - Womens Fitness - Workout Clothing - Workout Shirts with Sayings

I love all the pumpkin things, this is not really a confession but here is another fun fall pumpkin spice thing that is calorie free, a super cute tank from one of my faves Ruffles With Love. And it has glitter, for that I will spend money on a tank. 

Speaking of Ruffles With Love I am going to be featured on their website soon helping to promote Vanessa's new line called Indestructible Me. She is featuring women that have gone through various struggles and made it through. I am honored to be included and to share my story about life during and after divorce. Stay tuned... will give you guys a heads up when it's done and maybe a discount code too! 

I screwed up my weeknight drinking rule last night. Little girl had brownies with her bestie whose Mom is my bestie. They held the meeting at the public library and it didn't make sense for us to go all the way home and come back and pick them up. Going to the bar down the street and drinking $2 drafts however did make sense. Nachos may or may not have been involved but there are no pictures to prove it one way or the other. Oops. 

I have my son's parent teacher conference this afternoon with like 5 of his teachers and I am kind of dreading it. There's a fine line between whether your kid is really struggling in school or you are a sucking it as a parent and somehow missing stuff. I know that's more in my mind than reality but ... ugh. 

I am so sick of hearing about Jameis Winston and how FSU has dropped the ball so to speak with this kid. I am not condoning or defending anything he may have done. Because some of it has been proven and admitted to and some of it has not. I have friends that have gone to big football schools all over the country and if anyone thinks this crap doesn't happen at their schools they are delusional. Athletes are stars and money makers for universities and they will always be protected. Unfortunately they are also very, very young adults who make bad decisions. This kid obviously more than most but heck, even I wound up on the wrong side of the law once when I was at FSU... shocking I know. I still love my Noles and I am just over all of the bashing. 

On another note about criminals in the news, these two actually have been convicted and my gut feeling is that there is probably a lot more that they did that didn't even play into it. Again, not condoning but as a parent my heart breaks for those 4 little girls. I just can't imagine being separated from my kids for 15 mos. or 3.5 years. But if you saw the interviews on Bravo after the verdict it's hard to feel sympathetic for them. They are still playing dumb and claiming not to fully understand that they were doing things wrong. Come on... just admit it... you're going to prison for God's sake. When are they going to set an example for these kids???? Ugh....

Random other shit you may or may not be interested in....

Haven't spoken to the ex in over a month and it feels really weird in light of the fact that we shared a life for a very long time. I think this is the longest stretch ever. It also feels peaceful. 

I finally came clean with my Mom about some of the ex shenanigans. I try to shield her and my Dad because they are old and your heart never stops breaking when your kid hurts. My 75 year old Mom would like to kick him in the balls. Go Mom!

Hair color round 2 coming this weekend because two tone hair was not what I was going for. This is what I want...  but I don't want to pay for someone else to do it. Anyone have tips???


Think I really like this color going on here Rosie Rose    Gorgeous vinbrant brown tones.

Happy Humpday to all.... everyone go hump along with Kathy while that lucky bitch is on vacay!!!!

Vodka and Soda


  1. I'm with your mom.

    Wasting gas is a sin, you had to go to get the cheap beers.

    Those Guidices are rotten to the core.

    That's awesome on your work with Ruffles With Love! I always like their tanks but I don't own any.

  2. Did both of them get sentenced to prison? I remember hearing that Joe was convicted but not that Teresa was part of it as well. I also didn't hear all the details on what their convictions were so I will have to catch up on the gossip.

    I am also new to your blog so I came in on the fact that your x may have been a poop head. Sorry to hear it and glad you can start a better beginning,

    1. Hi Tricia!

      Yes, Teresa got 15 mos and she serves first then Joe goes away for 3.5 years. Poor kids... I just feel so bad for them to have douchehole parents!!!

      Yes, my exhusband is a total ass-hat and is frequently referred to as such on the blog. If you stick around you will get the jist of it lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. There's so much to be excited for in this post! That ruffles with love thing is awesome!

    My friends, even the ones that hate FSU, started a hashtag. #blamejameis for every problem just to make fun of all the bad publicity he gets. It's really like someone has it out for him.

    I'm going to try dying my own hair again and im scurred!

  4. I tried the whole not drinking on the weekdays and it lasted exactly four days. Four. They are just so tasty!!


    That hair colour is gorgeous, I've always wanted to do something similar, I'm getting my hair done on Saturday - that's the best part about having a best friend as a hair stylist - mates rates!

  6. I tend to shield my parents from my reality also. It works better for me. My mom has lived a fairly sheltered life, so I think a lot of things just might be a shock to her system. LOL.

    I love that hair color! I had something similar to that in the past. I think it will look amazing on you.

  7. I love that tank! I keep stuff from my parents too. It's easier.