Friday Un-Favorite Favorites

Friday, October 17, 2014

This might just be a little tiny  bitch fest so buckle up but I need to vent... again.

Do you ever feel like you never catch a break?? Cause I never do, ever. Catch a break that is. I promise I won't make this whole post miserable but you should be seeing a lot more of me here soon and I can do better then. The reason for that is that the major car repairs I will be paying for today will leave me completely unable to leave my house for anything other than work for the next... hmmm I don't know.... ETERNITY. Maybe good for the blog though.

Time to really hit the online dating hard and get some free meals and drinks. Cause any money I spend on food now will only be for my offspring, so they can survive. I bet this guy would buy me what ever I want. Yes, yes he is real. See what I mean?? No breaks... evahhhhhh.

I made it extra big for you ladies so you could see the mullett/bangs/under-shirt sitch goin on up in there. Meet PattieCakes.... my new mans:) I didn't even black out the eyes like I normally do to protect the innocent but I am guessing he doesn't do much blog reading or interwebzing.

I am seriously addicted to the Contemporary Singers-Songwriters Station on Pandora. This song and this guy... love it. My current anthem lol.

Big football weekend for my Noles as we take the also undefeated stupid Fighting Irish. I think this calls for large amounts of whiskey drinking and maybe some boiled potatoes. Is that an Irish stereo type? Sorry... not really... I hate ND.

If anyone is looking for me later you can prolly find me face first drowning my sorrows in cheap pizza and maybe some boxed wine. Catching up on American Horror story and trying not to piss myself because I will be home a lone and shit is scarrrrry. Is anyone else dying over this? I don't want to like it or watch it but I'm hooked. Cause... freaks, and clowns that's why.


Doesn't that just look heavenly. I am feeling better already

Have a great weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do!
In other words do what you want.


  1. Car expenses are HIDEOUS. I'm really sorry.

    The mullet bangs are awesome but the clown? Off to die now.

  2. Dude.. free food. I'm all about it, even i didn't immediately click with a guy. I'm nervous about this week's game... i'm not feelin this ND undefeated thing.

  3. Ugh, I hate having to fix my car! It always happens at the worst time and takes a huge chunk of money. Maybe you should look for a mechanic on that dating site. ;)

  4. Pizza and AHS. Oh how I fucking love you.