Weekending - So good I broke my hand....

Monday, October 20, 2014

Now... Get your heads out of the flippin gutter people. I may be single but the injury was sustained via stupidity and nothing else. And I didn't actually break it but I am pretty sure I came pretty damn close. Now for all of you ladies that love to do man things I commend you. And please don't get offended by the term "man things" because that is just general terminology I use for any task or chore I don't want to do. Or am not good at, which includes but is not limited to, yard work, household repairs, climbing ladders, killing bugs, cleaning out drains, power washing, hammering, nailing, screwing... wait what? The point is that I am horrible at all that kind of stuff. I am also horrible at asking for help. So sometimes I get the grand idea in my thick skull that I can be good if I just try harder. No, Not true, not true at all. Know where your talents lie people. Or injuries are sure to follow....
(there should be a pic here)

I would say it looks worse than it is but I am fairly certain it's worse than it looks. Good news is that I can move all the parts, didn't hear any pops or cracks when I hit the concrete and no one was around to see my fall from grace. 

In other news this weekend I mostly cooked, food prepped, watched football and laid around. I got all of my errands & shit done before the great fall... hair coloring, amazing work out, grocery shopping, the grooming of all things that need hot wax poured on them, bathroom cleaning and laundry. And then I sat on my butt for most of the day Sunday like a lobster with one giant claw up in the air. And zero fucks were given. 

Soo. AHS episode 2.. anyone??? I am so hooked. Why did I never watch this before? What is up with the creepy disgusting clown with no mouth parts? And poor Meep, Strongman needs a kick in the twisted ball sack. 

And The Walking Dead... I won't spoil since it was just on last night. But maybe one of the most disturbing episodes since the Governor's barber chair chamber of horrors which we never actually saw being used. And the Talking Dead just may have came up with the funniest hashtag ever. #BobBQ

Question: Why do charachters continue to go out alone at night during the zombie apocalypse? 

Best recipe of the weekend... Paleo Hungryman Sweet Potato Casserole. I have made this before but it's been awhile. I wanted to load up the crockpot  for myself this week so I did. This comes from a great website  Check it out! I put this together one handed which was a pain in the ass but doable with the food processor. I learned years ago that I will never chop or slice much by hand anymore. Perfectly sliced potatoes of all the exact same thickness every time. Yummm....

And football... The undefeated Seminoles of Florida State to be exact. Sorry Fighting Irish... better luck next year!!! Now, I wish all the haters would just go suck a bag of dicks already cause... UNCONQUERED. Ya heard?

And some other random stuff...  I took a ton of pics over the weekend and despite being somewhat ready with this post earlier either Verizon or Gmail has decided to shit all over my blog and refuse to email them from my phone to my gmail. Thank you for the wonderful phone update last night Jackholes. I am sure they will come through in another 8 hours or so. So  I guess I can't actually show you my giant bruised lobster claw hand until tomorrow. Womp womp.... 

Til then,



  1. Oh no! Hope your hand feels better ASAP!

  2. Umm injuries are not fun at all - at least it's not broken!! i dont know how you are watching American Horror Story - I saw a snippet of it and was scared out of my mind - no thank you! LOL

  3. Girl I am the same way about "man chores" too... I flipping hate yard work and when I lived in a house either hired someone or begged a family member, haha. That paleo recipe looks freaking amazing!

    1. I am the worst. I seriously consider stringing some dude along just for his man chore skillz. lol... not really but kinda. I HATE it!

  4. Ha!! Lobster claw.....there is a quote from an Amy Shumer skit, that goes something to the tune of "grab you with my lobster claw until you squeal like a piggie" and I almost died reading your post because now I'm thinking about it more!
    Anyways, hope your claw heals up nicely. Have a good one!

  5. What did you do!? geeze woman. That casserole looks amazing!

  6. NoooO! I hope your hand gets better!

  7. Oh my gosh!! I hope your hand feels better asap!
    We are probably the only people on earth who haven't been able to get into the Walking Dead series. We just. can't.

  8. You've got to make a suck funny, and you have! I hope you're no longer solo-handed.