Better Late Than Never Weekending....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good morning from your favorite slacker of epic proportions. I was in fact somewhat productive this weekend although I did not work out which means going harder make em say UGH this week to make up for my laziness. Here it is Tuesday already and I was MIA all together yesterday. Not for any particular reason other than Monday work and having a very difficult time staying focused. Can I still blame that moon eclipse thing?

So I did a little cooking this weekend, a little shopping, a little drinking, and hanging with friends/kids. It was actually pretty relaxing and nice. I haven't totaled up my spending for my wallet watch yet but I feel pretty good about what I spent. I adhered to my lists, shopped the sales and stocked up for the next two weeks I hope. I have to say, not having to run to the grocery store on my lunch hour or after work has been really nice! And bonus... saving on gas too!

First up I made another delicious crock pot creation , Chicken Stroganoff. I got the basic recipe from a fellow cheer Mom but I also found it on my favorite recipe site, of course I did, Six Sisters Stuff. It's actually been pinned a million times too but I liked their recipe the best. Four ingredients is a win win any way you look at it!

Friday night we hung in the hood with neighbors, drank copious amounts of wine and drove around on the golf cart looking at people's Halloween decorations. That led to a sluggish  post cheer leading Saturday but and a nice greasy cheat meal of appetizers and giant Angry Orchard drafts. A wonderful hangover cure incidentally. Sunday a Costco run, rained out tennis match but I got funky rain boots at Costco for $20... holla!!! And yay cause it's pouring today.. I posted a rain boot pic on IG so go take a peek over there!

And a semi successful attempt at getting my hair back to a more reddish color. I have been feeling a little dark and pale lately, I think it's time to go cherry cola which apparently is going to take a few sessions in my bathroom.  It went on like pumpkin orange (see scary no makeup picture) and turned  a little more red/burgundy, mostly just darker. I think I need to go to the beauty supply and get the hard shit.

I missed being here yesterday and all of your lovely voices incidentally. I stayed up way to late watching The Walking Dead on Sunday and trying to calm down enough to go to bed. Did anyone else about jump out of their skin watching "that one scene"???? UGH!!!! But then there was this.... and I totally teared up.

 I have been seriously slacking in the evenings and not wanting to sit down and write a post for the next day. I think the kids , the dog and I have fallen into a really nice evening routine of just hanging together on the nights where we don't have activities. It's funny, we all lay around in the family room and just chill. The TV is on, someone might be doing homework, playing on the computer, not writing a blog post, snoozing... but we are all in the same room a lot lately which I love. It's nice that everyone doesn't just retreat to their rooms and close their doors. I think when we are all a little stressed this happens more which is kinda cool. Any way here is a peek at my weekend.  Hope every one's week is off to a great start!

I had to include a pic of the young, hot referee I drool over at football every weekend.

Even though it's Tuesday, still linking up with B.



  1. i cant wait to see how the final color comes out for your hair!! Sounds like a perfect weekend and totally needed after the few weeks you've had!! At least some eye candy makes the games more bearable right?!

  2. You should sashay over to that ref.

    I love cherry cola for the hair. It's hard for me to do anymore without the insidious grays creeping in like the bastards they are.

  3. Oooh cherry cola hair I like!! And really like that ref mm!!

  4. Having the whole family just hang out is a perfectly good excuse not to turn out a blog post. That time is priceless!

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