Pizza Is Eternal....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Food for thought today....

I try very, very hard to keep this in mind, in fact it is most definitely my current and maybe forever mantra.  But dang.... every time I see a little glimpse of something or someone that may could possibly be something, some thing, some one, some opportunity, that I want or need it just disappears. I feel ready but maybe I'm not really. Till then there is always pizza, which as we all know is eternal. 

Since I didn't get to show you the scary pics of my injured paw yesterday I thought I would share today. This was Sunday morning so about 10 hours post splat..... it's HUGE!!!!! It's much better today but it still hurts like a muther if I move it or bend it the wrong way or like a normal finger/hand would work. I really think when it's wrapped with the ace bandage that it looks like a claw. The perfectly shaped lobstah claw to hold one pumpkin spice Oreo. Which by the way are my new favorite thing. See....

So Halloween is coming and I always fail miserably at the whole costume thing. Part of my problem is that I don't want to spend money, wear a mask, be uncomfortable, look weird, look ugly, you get the idea. So this year I am just jumping on the Zombie train and I got my Hoo-Rag yesterday so I can start putting this all together. 

Go check them out... they are the coolest seamless bandanna things around especially if you ride, hunt, fish, ski...  anything outdoors where you might wanna protect your face really.  I am going to add some scary dead looking  eyes that aren't too ugly cause like I said I don't do ugly. I am thinking this....

I don't have to spend any money, I have all the makeup. All I have to do is tear up some old clothes, drag them through the dirt, put some twigs and leaves in my hair and I'll be good to go. 

And since I didn't get to post my pics of that crock pot full of goodness I made on Sunday here is that, and my hound dog, waiting for food. If you didn't catch that recipe check it out here.  And make it, tis the bomb. 

See ya tomorrow for some confessional time with Kathy.... 


  1. I love your halloween idea, so easy. i am going to be a witch this year because its my first real halloween, and i wanted to, but i got everything super cheap. dont want to waste money on something i'll only wear once!
    your poor hand!

  2. I think your Halloween costume is brilliant and so easy to pull off!! I can't wait to see the full look with the make-up too!

  3. That sweet potato casserole looks so good and so does the pumpkin spice cookie. What in the world happened to your hand?
    I have buying costumes too. I have a ton of them which tells us I did not *used* to hate but then I realized how much I was spending EACH year just to wear it for a few hours and get something different the following year. Now I recycle them. I like your idea, that sounds really fun and clever.

    1. I took a little tumble and landed on it bending a finger or two in ways that fingers don't go. This is why I don't attempt any sort of household repair or yard work lol

  4. HOLY SHIT. you better keep icing your hand! I dont buy costumes either. So many people spend money on them, its ridiculous!

  5. I'm taking the easy way out for Halloween this year.

    OUCH FUCKING OUCH, that hand.