Girls Who Wear Glasses...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Well hey there! I missed a couple of days here this week due to  thee ole day of turkey and family and friends and holidays and all of that. So I thought it would be fun to try a Saturday post and a product review.... dun dun dunnnnn. I never do these but here lately I have been getting lucky not like that and some nice folks want to give me free shit. Which I will gladly take.  So when Firmoo contacted me about a free pair of glasses I said "Hellz Yeah" cause glasses can make you look smart and hot and sexy.  I actually don't wear glasses anymore cause I got the Lasik awhile ago but it's starting to wear off and I might need some in the future cause... granny blogger here. So I decided to go ahead and take Firmoo up on their offer and get me some new sexy glasses. Oh and of course review them for you... and they are saweeeeet!!!!

So I went to their website and tried the Virtual Look Viewer. You can upload your picture there and virtually "try on" a whole bunch of different styles to see what suits you. Which I did and here is what I ended up with... the F1007.

I LOVE them!!! You get a beautiful case, a pouch and a cleaning cloth. They might just be my new favorite accessory:)   And here is the very best part. You can try them out too. Please  follow this link and get you some for free! Or enter the code FREEFIRMOO at checkout and get your free pair! Really....

Thanks Firmoo... I feel like a smart, nerdy sexy old lady. And that's a good thing!