Favorite Urban Dictionary Words - T-Day Edition

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Since I had such an overwhelming response to my homage to Burt... here you go. You're welcome.

Moving On....

I have not done an UD post in awhile even though I refer to it and read it for pleasure all the time. It cracks me up actually. It's stupid and funny and in my attempt to stay somewhat current in spite of my crypt keeper status, it is helpful. So please let me share with you some of my current faves...

1. I luh me sum beard.... I am down with this but am really more inclined for the full on Duck Dynasty hillbilly style beard. And some tatts too... please. But still, a useful word.  
A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.
George Michael is a total lumbersexual.
Yeah man, so is Don Johnson.

2. If you have not done this ... A. Liar... or B. We can't be friends. Say it with me now....

The use of the tongue to find the opening in the top of a beverage can, when it's too dark to see.
While driving 80mph down the 87 freeway, Steve deftly applied cannilingus to drain the remaining contents of his Schlitz.

3. This is a new one to me. But I see many opportunities as a single gal to be using this extremely inappropriately with my cougar bait suitors. Mee-owww. 
the things I would do to you
wow you are so hot. Ttiwdty

4. I had to include this one... obvi. I mean, I have always secretly thought about this... I know it's not funny but... fuck it... it's funny. Like laughing at a funeral funny, yes I know it's inappropriate. I can't help myself!!!!

a day we commemorate taking advantage of the "indians" by stealing their land, food, and lifestyles in exchange for cheap trinkets.
Ahh thanksgiving, lets give thanks to those indians for letting us screw them wholeheartedly.

5. And in honor of the massive eating holiday upon us 'Muricans, I had to include this one. There are 2 of you I am looking at cause I know you will love this one....

Another word for taking a dump
After lunch I enjoy a healthy food press.

Happy Tuesday Hookers!!!


  1. LOL, yes you need to make this a weekly thing, I love this!! hahah

  2. Good call on this post. I approve. Keep em' coming.

  3. OMG that is hilarious!! Lumbersexual...I thought that was something else bahaha!

  4. Hahahahahaha all these are glorious. Please do more UD posts so I can stay educated. Food Press... I'm dying....