Thursday, February 4, 2016


Money... weekly and bi weekly payments toward two debts that have been hanging over my head for a little bit. I decided that it would be easier to chunk away at them in smaller more frequent payments rather than traditional larger monthly payments. And I was right, they will both be paid off by April in full and I don't really feel the pain of the smaller number going out even though it's more often.


More fruit and veggies in the last month than I ate the entire 4th Q of 2015. I'm accounting today can you tell? But seriously, I forgot how much I missed it and how many choices there actually are. No reason to ever get bored with your greens!


Of heading to the beach, lake, warmer weather  and wearing these Ray Ban Aviators in Pink. I'm getting them. Quality eyewear is important and I mean... I live in the South, I wear sunglasses 24/7 year round. Completely justifiable.


All the fabulous candles I splurged on over the holidays at my favorite shop Juls. I have been burning them nightly. Check her out... I highly recommend Hottie Tottie, Black Tie & Creekstone Fig. They will scent your entire house!


The idea of repainting a few rooms in my house inspired by the Pantone colors of the year Rose Quartz & Serenity... like this pic and the one at the very top of this post. Once I get a few bills paid off...

What are you up to currently?

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  1. I love the colors of the year. Both quite calming. I need a pink for one of my rooms at the shore.

    Totally agree on quality eyewear and on paying down debt however makes it easiest.

    I have had a hankering for red grapes and blueberries. I'm off to get some of those tonight.

  2. those sunglasses are awesome, love the color. I totally believe in good eye protection and if they're comfortable on my head I'm sold!

  3. i need to try the smaller more frequent payments. i've been chipping away at some debt for a couple of years and feel like i'm getting nowhere.. i need to do the smaller thing for sure. i love both of the colours of the year and i need both of them in my house everywhere haha.

  4. Girl, I feel you on the smaller payments, congrats on having that almost gone!!! And I have had so many veggies in the last month the people who work in the produce section of Target seem to know everything about me hahaha. I am obsessed with this years colors! I hope you share if you do it!

  5. That's such a great idea about making smaller, more frequent payments. I really have to be more disciplined when it comes to knocking down my outstanding balance on my credit card. Those sunglasses are flippin' adorable too! Yay for summer things!!

  6. totally on board with the quality eye wear. i spent $300 on my maui jims and i swear, BEST SUNGLASSES EVER.

  7. Ain't it the truth of sunglasses all day every day here . . . i like to have spare pairs in my car and purse just in case! I think the sending frequent payments is so smart . . . if you leave it in your account, you may spend it - or at least I would!

  8. omg omg omg omg those pink lens aviators are da-bomb! you deserve a whole30 congratulations present, right? get those babies!

  9. Love those sunnies!! I agree that quality eyewear is so important haha. I even included it on a gift guide I drafted for later this week! Sunnies everyday!