Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey... so the weekend has passed and it was pretty much OK. A sick kid and lots of obligations don't make for lots of fun but... I managed. I'm here and that is better than there, which is where I was last week. So let's recap... Friday night we did the Girl Scout cookie booth at our favorite local sports bar which we do every year. Now I know this sounds odd but it's a family joint and the girls love it. We sold lots of cookies and had lots of fun, dinner and drinks afterward.

Saturday I had to take the middle boy child to a High School rising freshman orientation type thing. Neither he nor I were excited about getting up a the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday but we went, heard the jist of what he could expect next year and headed out to Chick-Fil-A for biscuits and good Mother-Son bonding time. My sweet boy holds doors for me and his voice cracks and he's interested in technology and engineering. Somebody shoot me.

I spent the rest of the day Saturday cooking and shopping. I had 2 friends that had surgery last week and I brought the second one dinner on Saturday. Another Paleo Pizza Spaghetti Pie because all my gal pals are pretty darn healthy and Paleo these days. I got some shopping done and meal prep beginnings for the next week..   My daughter's sweet boyfriend came over and made pancakes for my girls. I also made an amazing thing for tennis on Sunday, Beer Cheese Spread, because Sunday tennis means feel good food and sports.

Sunday morning was a bit of a bust as I got through one recipe before I decided that my oldest teen really needed to go to the urgent care when she woke up with a fever... again. Hours later tonsilitis was the outcome and meal prep was pretty much out the window as I ran to my tennis match with about 5 minutes to spare.   Sunday tennis actually got rained out about half way through. I finished one set and won only to have to abandon ship because the courts were just too wet and there was no end in sight to the annoying drizzle.We don't risk ankles to get a match in... too old for that! We adjourned to the bar for a beer and then it was home to my crock pot full of Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili  from my favorite Paleo chef Juli Bauer and her newest book The Paleo Cookbook...and an  episode of The Walking Dead with the kiddoes.

Sunday night comes so fast in my house. I hate it. It was  a good weekend though!

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  1. love that you and your friends are paleo and eating paleo things. it makes get together SO MUCH EASIER!

  2. Hope the freshman orientation went well! i never understand why they do those things soearly on the weekend. Don't you want people to be excited?! Haha

  3. Your poor kid with tonsillitis. Wah.

    This weekend seemed to fly.

  4. What a great idea for a girl scout cookie booth!! We had our cookie booth at Lowe's this weekend and surprisingly we sold a lot of cookies! Have a great week.

  5. Ugh tonsillitis is the worst!!! I hope she feels better. And so sweet that your boy opens doors for you. Sounds like someone is becoming a gentleman!! :) Now hand me a chicken biscuit! haha!

  6. Girl - so rude they make you get up early on a Saturday for the rising freshman info . . . thankfully we got to do it on a Thursday night. And hope your oldest is better soon! She must have been so miserable. And I watched that beer cheese spread on Snapchat while my mouth watered . . . yum!

  7. Hope your oldest teen is feeling better. I've bought my fair share of Girl Scout cookies this year.