Friday Favorites - Another One

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bless up: How DJ Khaled became the year's most positive meme Miami producer DJ Khaled turned 40 this year. To coincide with this milestone he also became a symbol of the American Dream a self-appointed motivational speaker and a public spectacle. He went from outsized hip-hop personality to a meme in human form. 2015 was the year we got Khaleds mantra Dont ever play yourself and weird metaphors about door hinges; it was the year we saw Khaled dunk a basketball on a comically short hoop and try desperately to contact Rihanna. In 2015 the name DJ Khaled became synonymous with a kind of unedited self-approval and idealism and the public loved him for it. Mostly.  Continue reading:

Oh hey... Good Morning and TGIF. FYI... that guy up there... I'm obsessed with DJ Khaled. Secure your bag. Follow him on SnapChat @ DJKhaled305, he's oddly inspirational. This week kicked my ass and I am not even 100% sure why. Do you ever have those? Every night this week it felt like I had something I "had" to do  and I did and I don't like that. . Overscheduled, overworked, overtired and feeling a teensy bit sorry for myself because sometimes doing it all alone is muther fucking hard. I know, I know... and so what. Another one.

But the good news is it's Friday and now we get to talk about some of our favorite things with Amanda.


I am a bag collector in the worst way. Love these totes and zip pouches from Dogeared. You can never have too many totes and the lil' zips are perfect for just throwing in a few essentials when you are on the go and don't need your big everyday bag.


I know this seems so crazy because I am too old (for the boob tattoo that is), but I love these little designs!

Like this infinity symbol but placement under boob not in between:


I recently had the opportunity to try some new hair care products from Brand Backer & Hask, their Coconut Oil Nourishing Collection. I received  the Monoi Coconut Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner and Oil Shine Treatment. Can I just say... LOVE these products. First of all they smell wonderful like the aroma of coconut that makes you think of a warm tropical island... soft and subtle. The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful stand alone products. My hair is in good shape anyway but I did notice that my hair has been shinier than ever and seems to be less prone to horrible flyaways that plague me in the winter. The deep conditioner was a real treat to let sink in for a good 20 minutes after a tennis match last Sunday too. I have been using the Oil Shine Treatment as the last step in my routine before I flat iron and after as well to both protect the ends and add extra shine and smoothness. It is super light and also smells heavenly. I also got a super cute little brush that my little one promptly confiscated for herself. Great products! Give them a try!


It's official.... they're back and with more drama than ever so mind your mint juleps until the April 4th season premier on of course... Bravo.


I also had an opportunity to try a couple of fabulous skin care products also courtesy of Brandbacker and Valentia. I received samples of the True Glow Eye Cream and Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. First off being over 40, eye cream is an absolute must for me. I have crows feet, bags, puffiness, dark circles... you name it I got it. I will say that since I have been eating well my eye problems are less but this is a very nice addition to my product line. It's very light, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasiness and  for eyes that is critical! I really liked it! The Ultra Plumping mask was my favorite though. I love a good mask and this one really left my skin feeling smooth and really fresh looking. My skin felt tingly while it was on my face and that makes me think it was doing something. I loved the smell too! aI used it at bedtime and my face felt so hydrated afterward I felt like I really didn't even need a moisturizer. I love that the products are cruelty free, vegan, organic and 100% natural. If I don't put chemicals in my body why would I want them in my skin care? Give them a try!


My daughter turned me onto these awhile ago and I am not sure I ever posted about them in favorites but Lush Bath Bombs. If you are a bath person and are ever stressed or just want a good relaxing soak get some of these. The smell like heaven and make your skin feel silky soft. Oh and they do amazing things to your tub water too. I need one of these this weekend! Or anytime please!


I have a thing for breakfast food and specifically anything on a buttermilk biscuit. Someone who shall remain nameless has been torturing me with this chicken biscuit from Buttermilk Kitchen in Atlanta. I don't know how I have never heard of this or had one but apparently it is the stuff of legends. Adding this to my must eat soon list. A whole fried chicken breast with homemade sweet red pepper jelly and a buttermilk biscuit. Ummm yeah....


Did I mention I'm in the Waffle House regulars club? So I get first dibs on cool new WH product. I ordered this for St Patty's Day. I don't know why... I'll cut it up and make it cute for going out on SPD!


I have an event  or two coming up and I just got these Trendy Pointy Toe Pumps on sale... hell yeah. Did you see my snap of how super sexy they are on muh feet? No? Why are you not following me? If you would like to get yourself $10 off your next pair of Nine West shoes use my referral code here.

Trendy Pointy Toe Pumps
Trendy Pointy Toe Pumps Trendy Pointy Toe Pumps Trendy Pointy Toe Pumps

Oh and one more thing... FU 2016 is also coming.

Have a fabulous weekend!

***some products in this post are sponsored and powered by brand backer. 
i received samples only as compensation.  
all opinions are my own. ****


  1. Now I can finally finish the last season of House of Cards since a new one is about to start.

    I'm always in the market for eye cream. Good? Worth a change?

  2. I love the hask line - their stuff smells so good! I can't wait for HOC to start next week!! Binge watching all weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Amy! You are killing me with that chicken bisuit. Yum. Also, lush bath bombs? How did I not know about these? Of course I just looked them up and there is a store nearby. Now I have no choice but to go buy a bunch. Bad influence! Thank you for sharing though! Have a fabulous weekend! PS I love the shoes!

  4. That. Chicken. Biscuit. That looks amazing! Too old for a tattoo?? I have been thinking about adding to my collection and kinda thinking I am too old, but really- what is too old?

    I have been feeling overworked and overwhelmed and just too much on my schedule lately too. The last 2 months to be exact.

    1. I hope your weekend gives you the much needed rest you deserve :)

  5. I have never actually been into a Lush store. I have a gift card and I cannot justify spending the equivalent in shipping on two bombs totaling $10. Can Not. But...I will back any product that is cruelty free. Just not the shipping. :-0
    Happy Friday Amy!

  6. ah so excited for Southern Charm to be back!!

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  7. i tried so hard to get into house of cards but couldn't even though i love kevin spacey :(

  8. Those shoes are smoking hot . . . love them! And biscuits are a love language for me - that looks freaking amazing. I want to try those bath bombs - is there an actual store in the ATL?!? Happy weekending!

  9. A chicken biscuit with pepper jelly?!?!?!? Pepper jelly is my favorite. I will have to check out that eye stuff. All natural you say and it works?? Sounds like a win win to me!!

  10. Those shoes are amazing but I'd kill myself in them. I haven't met a buttermilk biscuit I didn't like.