Hi. I Don't Care. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I know you don't care either but here is a list of 8 things I don't care for or about lately.

I don't care about the majority of opinions except of course my own that people have that they rant about on FB/IG. But I don't rant.  I do block/unfollow/hide on the regular though. I think everyone should feel free to express whatever but I don't really give a shit. People seem very opinionated lately, ad nauseum.

The Kardashians. Just go away. Aaaand... yet another one has her own show. Kocktails or some crap. I drink a lot of cocktails, where's my reality show?

#OscarsSoWhite - At the risk of sounding very politically incorrect here, I don't give a fuck. If the academy thinks the best of the best just happen to be certain actors and actresses this year who cares? Isn't it their opinion? Is there a diversity quota they have to consider? Get over yourself. Boycott something that matters.

You sell wraps on IG and make millions and you think I would be great at it too.  I have no idea if wraps have any merit to them or not, never tried one. But I am not a direct sales persona. Not pushy enough I guess so please don't take it personally but not interested in being on your team.

All you folks dudes that DM me and Snapchat me just to "talk" and "so we can get to know each other". What? Why. Stop it. We are not getting to know each other because that's just stupid.

Girl's Night In. Listen up, I am not a fan at this point in my life. I was a stay at home Mom for 10 years and I was home a-lot... like think house arrest at home alot. I don't want to sit around with girls at home. I'm single, I want to go out. Out is where the fun and the boys are at. If I am staying in I'm probably going to choose my own company with my dog anyway so don't be mad when you invite me to stay in and I say no.

Parents who let their kids sit at the bar... don't do that. First off, people (me) go to bars to get away from kids. Don't ruin it for us by bringing yours and parking them at the bar on their devices while you stand around and wait for a table. Oh and unless your kid is a big tipper it's kind of rude to the bartender too.

I don't care that you think you are in more of a hurry than everyone else at 5:00 and try to create your own merging lane rather than waiting in line with everyone else on the freeway on ramp. My SUV is bigger and more obnoxious than your car and I will not let you merge, will not.  You will sit on the shoulder in your wrongness till I pass because you are wrong... and rude.

It's totally ok if you don't care either. Have a great day.


  1. people bring kids to the bar???? WHO DOES THAT?! in Toronto, you're not allowed to sit in the vicinity of a bar if you're not of in we've had to leave restaurants before because the dining room was full, the only seats left were by the bar area and they said kayla was not allowed to go in there so we left.

  2. The Kardashians do need to just disappear and don't get me started on kids at bars. Like seriously I go there to escape them, not to have them hanging out with me.

  3. "it's totally ok if you don't care either" - I am literally sitting here chuckling over that. What can I say? Yes to ALL the above . . . although I'm fine with a girl's night in . . . but I totally see your point! Winston is pretty good company! ;-)

  4. lol yes to all of these. the oscars thing, totally agree. what is the point of the oscars if they start basing it on colour rather than merit? isn't that also kind of racist? and the wraps! STOP. i don't want to buy your shit or sell it.

  5. The last one!!!! OMG!!!!! Dont get me started. I-20 was shut down today on my way to work and all these assholes were riding down the shoulder trying to get ahead of the rest of us who are waiting to re-route. I blood pressure was out of control as I yelled and honked at them all. SO RUDE! And I agree about the Oscars. Who cares why they picked and why? Why does everything have to be about race? I hate allllllll the wraps and roden and fields people. They flood my intagram and facebook with all their shit products and no one currrs anymore. And dont sit your screaming 5 year old at the bar next to me. Go stand up front with the rest of the families waiting to be seated. Save the bar stools for people who actually want to eat/drink at the bar.

  6. the wraps don't work, the creams don't work. i don't wanna join anyone's team! i can barely make it out the door with shoes on. i'm not sales material. and LMAO about the cocktails. right? where's our show?

  7. Totally!! I had a guy try to go around me while we were both in the merge lane. Like it even fucking mattered that he bolted in front of ONE. CAR. So...what did I do? Cock blocked his ass while laid on the horn. I bought a Hummer for two reasons....1) the snow, and 2) to not take any shit. Happy Hump Day Amy! Zero fucks given.