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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Woo hoo... it's Wednesday already so let's get this confessional on the road! Kathy, Nadine, Laura & Lauren have the link ups of the day so be there or... well, don't  but it'd be cooler if you did at least check them out!

It snowed for a good half of the day yesterday in Atlanta and pretty much none of it stuck. What a waste of the white stuff. I work really close to home so I don't worry too much but  remember that one time? #snowpocalypse2014 #thedevilsdandruff #newenglandclampowder #conneticutconfetti

Speaking of that particular famous scene, TWD starts on Sunday. Do I want to ruin it and go watch the first 4 minutes today or wait till Sunday night? #spoileralert #icantdecide #ifdaryldiesweriot

Watch the First 4 Minutes of the Mid-Season Premiere

My kids are off next week Mon. & Tuesday for President's Day which is nice. My 10 year old kept telling me they were off this Friday too and I kept telling her she was wrong. #guesswhowaswrong

Speaking of that I guess I am shipping them off for a few days to dear old Dad's and you know what that means. #becausenewfirestick #lotsomovies

This is actually a lot more like what will be going down. #cheerstome #itsnotdrinkingaloneifyouhaveadog

And once again I am really upset that no one invited me out for a romantic Valentine's dinner at Waffle House... it's an Atlanta tradition and far as how romantic I feel about this holiday it would be perfect for me. #betterlucknextyear #scatteredsmotheredandsingle

Happy Humpday!

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  1. The snow was awesome, if short lived. My oldest kept texting me to come get him and even had his friend call. Sorry, not sorry sucka . . .

    My kids get the whole week off next week - I can't wait to NOT set my alarm! Woot!

    You and Winston rock Valentine's Day together - I'm married and spend it with my dogs! I am not waiting in a line to eat and I would straight up shoot my husband if he sent me flower on Valentine's - way too expensive. Ever so practical . . . so not romantic. I'd be okay with Costco flowers though . . .

  2. i stopped watching TWD a while ago! it just got to be too inconsistent ie. they'd show 1 wicked epi, then the next 6 would suck balls.

  3. Valentine's Day is stupid. Happy Galentine's day though!

  4. Too funny! We don't do anything for V-day so no sweat about not having plans. It's overrated and freezing so all I want to do is hibernate by the fire....which is what we do every. other. day. during the winter.

  5. It's not drinking alone if you have a dog - I love that one! That will be me tonight. I already know this goodbyes thing is going to be hard for me today.

  6. It snowed just a little bit here Monday night and Tuesday morning and nothing stuck. But I remember 2014 and I really dont want a repeat of that either. I was in my car for 8 hours. WTF!! I just want it to snow while we are sleeping and we wake up and get a snow day.

    Waffle House on Vday sounds fabulous. I would invite you if I lived closer ;)

  7. ugh! that bugs that it snowed that much but didn't stick! I want snow!!! Love the Amy gif, ha!

  8. I'm laughing so hard at myself because your Magic Mike gif made me think that a weekend without your kids meant that there were going to be some men stripping off clothes...then, I read your hashtags. I'm an idiot!

  9. hahah new fire stick! Enjoy it hun! :)