Friday Faves

Friday, February 5, 2016


Hi-Oh!!! Happy Friday MF's and what a glorious week it has been! We kicked off  February, the month of love and lovers....

And I finished up my Whole30 Round 2 and the Break Up challenge with Laura. Good times! And now it is the weekend! My first post Whole30 weekend and the Super Bowl with one of my most favorite QB's like ever... Mr. Peyton Manning. So let's get to the favorites portion of this post with Miss Amanda as usual on a Friday!


So I pretty much butcher every single t-shirt I own. I sometimes just buy cheap shirts to cut up and make cuter like this. I hate anything even remotely like a crew neck so I started cutting necks out years ago and it just spiraled from there. Here is a pin that will help if you are a novice T-Shirt butcher. It helps to have a pattern to look at! Follow the link and go look at all their links too. Happy cutting!

How to cut up a t-shirt for a whole new look! #refashion #tshirt:


Speaking of Peyton Manning I have to include my all time favorite SNL skit. The guy is genuinely funny. I can't even look at you... go sit in the port-o-let for 20 minutes.


What's your biggest regret....So my sister in law shared this on her FB wall this week and I was blown away. If you have not seen it yet please watch. It took me a long time to learn but now I make a concerted effort to say yes as often as possible. My only real regrets are truly for things I have left unsaid and undone. You?


I have not read this yet but it is really popular and I get it. You can get it here. Cleaning up even small things I think is a metaphor for bigger things and it makes life better. It just does. Decluttering, tidying up and organizing can fix a lot of things in your world!


Ok... I saw Cole Swindell a few years ago and I looooved him. His voice makes me absolutely melt and the fact that he writes brilliantly for other artists, and he's from GA and he's so freaking cute makes me love him more. And then I hear his next song... he wrote this about his Dad. I downloaded it the first day I heard it. The video ...if you have a Dad and he is proud of you and you love him you will appreciate this... get tissues.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. valentines day is such a hoax. we NEVER celebrate it. an ex boyfriend tried to and i was like "what the hell do you think you're doing? valentine's is so cheesy!". he was not impressed.

  2. I'm afraid to read that book because I'll probably want to throw everything away lol! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm not Marie Kondo-ing but I am purging and organizing this weekend.

    I am not a VDay celebrator.

  4. I really enjoyed that "biggest regret" video! I saw it earlier this week and it is just so true we need to purse our dreams.

  5. The "biggest regret" video almost made me teary eyed . . . I love that feel good stuff. I just put the book on my potential read list . . . i like to think I'm good at decluttering but I could show you some house pictures that would certainly not support that opinion. LOL! I've never cut a t-shirt - that seems so naughty. I may need to start! ;-) Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Refashioning a t-shirt would be awesome... especially for ones you love with pit holes - WHY THE FUCK DO I ALWAYS GET PIT HOLES?!

  7. Oh I really loved that video. Got me all teary man. Every day really is a clean slate. Good stuff!

  8. Wow that biggest regret video got me all choked up that's for sure. I really need to refashion t-shirts into tanks to workout in. I need to work on being more crafty lol.

  9. That regret video!!! I saw it last week and it really hit me deep. I like the idea of cutting up shirts, why haven't I done that?? I do it to my athletic shorts. I have to have a little slit on the sides of the legs. I cant stand when that area is tight!