Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I know it's Tuesday and I missed yesterday here but it was 65 degrees in Atlanta on Sunday and I opted to spend my day doing things in real life rather than cranking out a blog post. I was super busy all weekend doing fun stuff mostly. The weather was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The highlights were dinner with friends Friday night, shopping and girls night on Saturday and tennis on Sunday. I also made time to relax, read, take a bath and meal prep for the week. I would say it was a win win of a weekend for me.

Friday night my youngest went to the father daughter dance and as always she looked so beautiful.

Saturday was for sleeping in, home cooked breakfast, Costco, shopping and snacks. I have one friend that I shop with all the time. And when I say shop I mean all shopping, groceries, clothes, shoes... you name it. We have a pattern and often we wind up somewhere for big beers and apps before we head home. This time it was Longhorn and Sweet Chili Calamari for the win. It looked nothing like the picture on the menu but it was damn good!

Saturday night I found myself back at The El Felix for another Matador, the quintessential jalapeno margarita. Ford Fry is a genius if you ask me. Kona Grill supplied us with round two and dessert for me which was actually my dinner. All night I couldn't really decide what I wanted to eat... except for dessert, so I made the executive decision to have dessert for dinner. Well.... They brought me a 1/4 of a carrot cake so I had a reasonable slice and took the rest home. I am getting better at just having a bite or two of the not so clean foods if I want a taste. I feel like this is a good compromise if I am also having cocktails. Saturday night I had exactly 2 steak nachos and one chip loaded with guac.... and the cake of course. Worth it.

Sunday I fought the urge to lay in bed and read books all day just because it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I felt too guilty. I did read all morning though, hauled ass to the grocery store and hit the tennis courts for a few hours and a pick up game. Sunday night Sushi with a friend and NO pictures, we were present in the moment.

Hope you all had a great Leap Day! Happy Tuesday!


  1. the food! YUM.
    unless someone asks me to take pictures of food, i will not. 99.9% of the time, i never take out my camera even though i have it because like you, i'm too busy enjoy the moment!

  2. All the food in this post is making me so hungry!! YUM! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. If I can lay around with the windows open, I feel sort of better. But I have the desire to be out doing when it's nice as well.

    I typically don't have a problem getting my crap together for a weekend blog post Sunday night because once it hits a certain time, it is basically a weeknight. LOL

  4. oh my gosh, look at all of this food! yum. i really want to get to a point where i can have a bite or two of something and walk away, as it is, i'm like eating that whole cake in 2 bites. i love your shopping + eating + drinking tradition. i need a friend like that!

  5. The weather this weekend was really nice, although, you would never know based on the BLIZZARD we are in today. FUN. That cake looks epic! I would have eaten until it came out of my eyeballs!

  6. You daughter is simple gorgeous! And cheers to an awesome weekend. The food and beverages sound amazing . . . and carrot cake. So, so good. I love that you have a friend to do the random errands with . . . I always prefer to have company for stuff like that! And the ATL weather was inspiring this weekend . . . now it's cold and windy. Spring is coming though . . . there is hope!