Friday Favorites

Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm gonna make a t-shirt that says this... and wear it to work with a black blazer.:

With Friday, in love with Friday, let's not get crazy here. This week flew for me! And now it's time for all the fun stuff that the weekend brings and some talking about all of our favorite things with Amanda. What could be better than that. Well maybe million dollars but anyway...


So I found another brand of bags that I adore and have to have one or more of, My Other Bag. They are canvas bags with your favorite designer bags knocked off and painted on. It's an eco-conscious reusable bag created by fashion addicts... for fashion addicts.  I have my eye on  the London because Louis Vuitton Damier is on my lust list and lips... kind of a theme of mine.


Loving this Harry Bench from Grandinroad but it's ridiculously expensive at $899. Gonna be looking for something similar at Homegoods. I bet I can find it. 


This gorgeous top from Anthropologie, the Desi Blouse. Great transition piece from winter to spring. I am a sucker for black/nude lace.


What could be more perfect for this time of year that Lucky Charms in a blizzard? My kids love Lucky Charms and after the last couple of years of being dismally disappointed with the Shamrock Shake I want to give this one a try. Original pin here.

Shut the front door.  My favorite cereal, made into my favorite dessert.  Lucky Charms Blizzard || Sweet Treats and More:


I am a little bit obsessed with some of the amazing tattoo makers in Atlanta and Savannah Colleen is at the top of my list. Her work is just so beautiful and clean. As soon as the stars align and I can get an appointment with her I will be so super stoked. I've been waiting for a long time and chunking away a few dollars at a time for a piece of her artwork. Love this. 


You guys know I'm going out for St. Patty's Day right? I already got my second shirt. This one from Old Navy for $8.00. How cute is that?

Old Navy
Old Navy


So I finally finished The L Word... like a year later and now I have moved on to Transparent. Oh. My. Goodness. I am so hooked and in love with this show. Again I ask why oh why are there not more hours in the day to do things that take zero effort??? It's not fair. I love my Amazon Fire Stick too!!! When I walk into the room, turn it on and say "play Transparent" I feel like way cooler than I actually am. 


I need... need new fun sneakers for spring. Loving these Mesh Metallic SK8-Hi Slim Cutouts from Van's in Thistle Purple. Perfect for new jeans, fun tee's and hanging out comfortably. Heels for work, sneakers on the weekend!

Mesh Metallic SK8-Hi Slim Cutout


So hey guess what? I have not even made any effort had time to search out funny gifs for you guys in weeks because #Lazy. That changes now... 

I found out there was a #Gifparty on twitter this week and I was like... less work for me!

I have kids this weekend so I am laying low, until they go to bed. Then it's on.

I don't talk politics in parties larger than one for the most part but this week, the amount of stupidity I have heard got me like... so I take a drink

And then the person I'm arguing with takes a drink...

Miley even shared her views with us this week. Miley. Mmmmkay...

But whatever, I am feeling very zen and looking forward to a super fun weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. ugh miley. i am not keeping up with anything political right now, i'm more of a stick my head in the sand kind of person.. lol. those bags are really cool! that girl with the red wine hahahaha what an idiot.

  2. aside from Lovesong, that is another fav by The Cure. such a great band/song. why is anthro so expensive? even their "sales" aren't sales but their stuff is so amazing #rage

  3. I feel like you can maybe DIY that bench...I mean faux fur rugs are everywhere right now LOL! I unfriended so many people this week...can't handle the nonsense on FB! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. HOBBY LOBBY HAS FURRY SEATS!!! Go get you some!! I kind of wanted one for my piano but I just know it'll fill up with fur from my pets. Happy FRIDAY AMY!

  5. I do not get why benches are so freaking spendy.

  6. That canvas bag is so fun!!

  7. That blouse is gorgeous!!! I am a fan of anything black!!! I am wearing a black lace blouse today actually. And I am obsessed with furry things like that bench. I sent a white ottoman from z gallery to my friend this morning asking why it had to cost $400 because I needed it hahahaha. Lucky charm blizzard?? Sign me up!!! Have a great weekend!

  8. That lace blouse is super pretty. Can't say I've ever heard of Transparent.

  9. Tardy to the Friday party . . . hope you had a blast! And I'm loving the new look! Did you do it yourself?!? So clean and fresh!