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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hmmm what can I tell you this week? I feel like I have been a little bit failing at life. My to do list remains mostly the same from week to week for about the last month or so. I am checking things off but at the 11th hour instead of getting shit done in advance like a good soldier. What is my problem? I don't know. I feel anxious and that makes me worry about every little thing thus making it hard to focus and get shit done. #Breathe... #Namaste.

I finished my taxes yesterday and good news... getting money back. Well, I always do thanks to my 3 big ass tax deductions. Now what to do with all dat money??? #tattoosandalcohol #vacay #paybills

I ate pizza last week, then I ate it again on Monday. God dammit I am so pissed at myself. Snap decision the first time and it wasn't even good. The second time was just me being dumb and starving and saying fuck it. There goes my plan of a year without pizza. #theroadtohellispavedwithpizza

I have not been eating enough food. Say whaaaat? Skipping meals and being too lazy to cook is not good but it happens when I'm stressed. My hunger wanes and I end up just not eating. I blame the warmer weather and now I can also blame the time change. I need to do better though. I lose more weight eating several thousand calories a day of real Paleo/Whole30 food than nothing at all. #truestory #butyougottoactuallycook

My cornhole league starts next Monday. In a weird way I am kind of nervous because A. It's competitive and I like to win and ... B. Playing with my favorite man friend and even though he has seen me look dumb a million and one times I want to look like I know what the hell I am doing and ace that shit. So I have been googling and you-tubing and studying tips on how to be a rockstar at cornhole. #loser And I may or may not have scheduled an actual practice session in the driveway.     #iamthecoolestchickyouwillevermeet #alsoIamadork

So I have learned that the key to success at cornhole is relax, don't focus on the hole and slide it in. #sweartogod #whatthehelldidisignupfor

confused wut jane the virgin jtv yael grobglas

No word from Sunday's Tinder date. #imcrushed

crying abc upset the bachelor ben higgins

St. Paddy's Day is upon us and I am scared to go out. It's not about drinking in moderation and hung over on Friday at work is downright painful at this point in my life. #irishcarbombskillpeople #forreal #butFOMO

st patricks day

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  1. I have a confession to make: I don't know what cornhole is. There is a group here called the Sydney Americans and they even have cornhole tournaments. And, I confess: I haven't bothered to look up what it is. What am I missing???

  2. If you're like me, I have spring fever . . . whatever that is. Basically I don't want to do responsible adult things - I just want to chill. Don't beat yourself up about the pizza . . . it happens. I could NOT resist a Reece's pb cup last night. I had it. Moved on. Mostly. Ha! And I love that you are looking up corn hole videos - I did the same before skiing!

  3. Ok...girl. this is one of my favorite posts of yours this year, I think!
    Sorry you're having a pity party but at least you're realizing it...that's key! I am doing zero things outside of my home for tomorrow. I give zero shits about hanging with drunk, sweaty people in a packed bar. No thank you. But, I am also sad to report that my freaking wine opener broke last night and I had to jimmy-rig the cork out with a screwdriver. I'm trying to savor this open bottle of wine for more than two days so I don't have to go through the hassle of opening another one this week!

  4. I just fuck it today and went to a new restaurant and had a fried chicken biscuit with pepper jelly and goat cheese ANNNNND we ordered beignets to split. And a craft soda. Sometimes you just gotta. Haha!

    You didn't hear from sir steals a lot? My guess is he is in jail and you weren't his bail out call.

  5. sometimes you just gotta eat the pizza!!! because pizza :D. sometimes we just gotta have wha we want. and today, i ate 4 of my mint choco chip cookies that i made. they're grain free so they don't count, right?

  6. Oh yes the pizza. I've been down that road too. I can't believe you were going to try and go a year! That's an impressive goal! I'm the same way as you with the to do list too. Now that I can walk again I have so much catching up to do but my lazy self just sits around instead. And with it all built up it seriously stresses me out even more, which leads to more couch sitting. It's a horrible cycle. My tip for cornhole league (yes I've done one) DRiNK! It makes it slip in easier... haha

  7. I am the exact same way about food. I get lazy and skip meals and then when I do eat it is something wretched like pizza....and then I wonder why I can't lose weight! Hah!

  8. i have never played cornhole! i love that you googled tips on it! that sounds like me!! that's ok about the pizza. happy st pats!!!!

  9. I saw you made it out yesterday!

    I ate pizza three times this week.