A New Look & 10 On Tuesday

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Well hey there! Since my weekend was a complete and total slob fest I opted to skip a wrap up yesterday in favor of slobbing it up a little more on Sunday night and not blogging. I am sure this comes as no surprise to any of you regulars since Monday is not my jam.

I'll tell you what is though... a fresh new blog design up in these parts. What do you think? I wanted something a little lighter and brighter for spring and when I saw Karli's new look last week I got the fever. So I pretty much copied her, jumped on Etsy and bing,bang, boom... a makeover for $9.00 with free installation. I thought about attempting to install it myself as I am told it's a piece of cake but, after a glass or two of wine and reading the instructions I was all fuck that please install my shit for free and thank you very much. I am still tweaking a little here and there but you get the idea.

Also Today is the first day of a new link up over at September Farm so since I am stealing all of Karli's ideas I figured why stop now. In true blogger fashion I bring you a list of 10 things. For this week's installment it's 10 things that I miss...

1. Babies - Every once in awhile I just want to hold a baby for a bit. Not my baby, someone elses baby. After having a succession of them I got used to having one around but they grow into tiny humans that weigh 60 pounds and you can't walk around with them on your hip anymore. And they smell so good, I miss that.

2. Playing Golf - I keep saying I am going to take it up again someday. I hate saying someday. I used to play a lot and I am pretty good when I am playing regularly. I always found it relaxing and even peaceful to be out there on the course. It's also a fun thing to do as a couple or couples and you can drink beer while you play. Always a plus for me!

3. Reading the Newspaper on Sunday Morning - I used to do this every weekend mostly I think because my parents always did. I miss trading sections with the person next to you over hot coffee. Does anyone even read the paper anymore?

4. I miss not giving a crap about what I ate. Remember when you were really young and you could lose 5 lbs in a few days to get ready for an event or to look perfect in a dress? And the rest of the time you pretty much ate whatever? That, I miss that.  Being healthy is work.

5. "Good Morning" texts.  One of the only good things about online dating is that is mostly an exercise in flirting via text. That means a plethora of "good morning beautiful" type texts every day if you're maximizing your time. It's a nice way to start the day!

6. College football, or any football for that matter. Dang... we have a long way to go till August. On the bright side it's almost Masters and Kentucky Derby time.

7. Flip Flops - Winter is such a pain in the ass for footwear... covered up, clunky, constricting. I just want to wear flip flops. You can pretty much get away with them anytime with any outfit here in the south. They are the yoga pants of shoes.

8. Good Work Clothes - My work wardrobe has gone to the shitter. I spend all my clothing dollars on tennis outfits, shoes, bags, jeans and fun t-shirts and it's starting to show. My office is business casual and no one really cares but I do kind of miss dressing up a bit for work.

9. Exploring - Surprisingly my ex was really good at this. Occasionally we would just get in the car on a weekend day and take off for parts unknown, always finding funky shops, dive bars/restaurants, local flavor. Somehow I got out of the habit of spontaneous outings. Need to work on that.

10. The Bennigans Monte Cristo Sandwich - I know this is totally random and most of you may be too young to know what I'm talking about but it truly was the most amazingly bad for you deep fried creation known to man. Somehow it came up in a conversation with a friend about horribly delicious foods recently and now it's ll I can think about. Until you have had a deep fried ham, turkey and cheese sandwich sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with raspberry jelly for dipping you have not lived.

So there's my 10 For Tuesday. Check out the link up and see what's on everyone else's list today!


  1. love the new layout!! clean and fresh; just the way i like it :)

    i do miss the paper. young kids be like, "the what?" THE NEWSPAPER YOU YOUNG FUCKWITS.

    i get my newspaper fill every thursday night...i'll sit at the kitchen table combing through the local flyers just to see what's out there/what's on sale. i also noticed something - they don't have actual coupons that you cut out anymore. like, NOT ONE.

  2. Doesn't it feel awesome to get a fresh new blog look?!? I think it's perfect for you! And I loved this list . . . I miss babies too. But agreed, ones I can give back are the best. And ain't it the truth about watching what you eat now . . . for years it was whatever I wanted. I'm so ready for flip flop weather - it's about time to get a new pedicure!

  3. loooove the blog look and i looooove that you are linking up. thank you so so much!

  4. Oh Monte Cristo...that goes right along with not having to give a crap what you eat!

  5. The new design is gorgeous lady! Curious as to which etsy site you ordered from? I like to keep a list in my back pocket in case I get the itch for an update. I am so ready for flip flops too. Although with the whole giant ankle/foot with skinny no muscle left calf situation I have going on with my bad leg they probably would not be a good option for me. I miss golf too! I used to play junior golf and I'm pretty good if I actually stick with it for a season, but I never actually get my butt to the course. If we ever make it to the same town - a golf date for sure (with lots of booze)!

  6. love the new look!
    babies do smell really good. i like giving them back though.
    i miss eating whatever i wanted as well. i still do a little bit, but then i gain 5lbs as fast as i used to lose them. lame. but yay DERBY!

  7. I got fever for a new blog design as well. I miss golf too. And better work clothes. I would rather spend my money on things to wear at night or the weekends and it is starting to show as well. Why can't I have all the money?

  8. MFD is much better at spontaneous outings than I am. They're fun but I have to be forced or cajoled into it.

  9. Love the new look....I was just thinking about re-vamping my blog too...and then I gave up and just added a new button, haha! I cannot wait for flip-flop season! We had a beautiful 70 degree day yesterday which is just unheard of in IL in March...but I'll take it!