10 On Tuesday

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hey hey it's Tuesday! It was a quiet Easter weekend at my house without the 2 littles. The oldest teen was with me for most of Saturday and we spent our afternoon shopping together, which is rare these days. What a treat. I dropped my car off for some service so she actually shuttled me around for the day. We spent too much money but ... who cares. We'll make more this week. Since as usual I have not much prepared I figured I would just hang with Karli for 10 On Tuesday because lately, random is what I do best.

1. I ate my one Cadbury Creme Egg over the weekend and I felt really good about sticking to that plan. I also ate one Reese's egg, dunkin donuts iced coffee, one chocolate raspberry cake doughnut, some spinach artichoke dip, crackers, goat cheese, shrimp and grits and  wine. Lot's of wine. FAIL

2. I signed up for a season of singles tennis because I am scared to death of it. It's a lot more running and just harder than doubles because you and only you cover the entire court. I have not played singles ever as an adult. I have been feeling like I need to step out of my comfort zone a little right now. Been feeling a little down and anxious which I mentioned here. I think this will help. But I am still scared. What if I am just not up to the challenge? Ugh.

3. I went and ordered these new Ray Ban's I have been coveting for the last 2 months. I sprung for the extra monies on polarized because duh... ummm eyes??? It's about to get hot as ballz and sunny as hell non stop here in GA so totally necessary. They should arrive today and I can't wait!

4. You know what annoys me? Married women who seem to have too many single guy friends, or want to hang out with single guys. It's odd. Back the eff off, nice single guys are not that easy to come by. Go hang with your husband. I swear it's a thing.

5. Last week was my first cornhole match and I was turr-uh-bull. Embarrassing. Let's hope The Amateur Corn Starz fare a little better this week. What could be worse than losing to a team called The Wrong Hole?

6. I spent half of my day off last week at a government office filing paperwork. Surprisingly it went smoothly and everyone was very helpful. I have been putting it off but for all my worrying... again mostly manufactured in my mind, the outcome is going to be a positive one for me and my kids!

7. I have 2 nights this week to stay home and I can not wait. I plan to be in bed tonight at 8:00 with a book or some TV, maybe a kid and a dog. Repeat performance scheduled for Thursday.

8. Work is kicking my ass, hence the lack of blog posts. I literally can't right now. Praying for more balance soon.

9. My mother sent two... that's right two delicious coffee cakes to us for Easter. I love food gifts and sweet breakfasty things are a personal favorite of mine. If you ever need to send a food gift send one of these. They do not disappoint.

10. Next week is spring break in GA and guess where I'll be? Right where I always am... here. How did we get to spring break? Wasn't just Christmas vacation?

Have a great Tuesday people!


  1. Duncan' Donuts Iced Coffee sounds so delicious right now! I had a pretty quiet Easter weekend as well, which is just the way I like it as work has been crazy lately! Hope your Tuesday is terrific! :)

  2. Losing to The Wrong Hole...just wrong.

    You go on singles tennis! Way to push yourself.

  3. I'm visiting from Karli's 10 on Tuesday link up and i'm a fellow Georgia Peach! I'm so looking forward to our Spring Break next week. We have plans for nothing! Glorious nothing! Don't feel bad about the weekend eats-story of my life, too! Small victories my friend-like only eating one Cadbury egg! :) I so agree with married women wanting to hang out with single men. All. The. Time. Umm, no. That's just not cool!

  4. the mondayest tuesday is so freaking true. the only single guy i hang out with is my brother in law... that's weird. although i don't know a lot of single guys in general, so yeah... that is super weird. good luck at singles tennis! good job on stepping out of your comfort zone! you are totally up for the challenge. you've got this!

  5. First of all, I hate Tuesdays so the Mondayest Tuesday is totally fitting. Secondly, congrats on signing up for singles tennis I know you are going to rock it! I am awful at cornhole. Like so awful! I love those glasses!!!!! So cute!! Surely you are going to snap and share a picture of them so we can all see, right? Enjoy your night in bed!

  6. YES this is the most Mondayest Tuesday ever. Stopping over from the link up - hope you can pop over to my blog as well. I just found your blog and see we are fellow Georgians!

  7. love those sunnies. i've been lusting for a new pair of maui jims even though my current pair is still amazing...i just want them in a silver frame and different colored lenses.

  8. I think you get a food pass on Easter weekend . . . you're doing awesome otherwise so don't stress about that! You got this singles tennis . . . you will be awesome and I bet you'll have so much fun you won't notice the extra running! And those corn hole names . . . seriously, I chuckled out loud. Good luck next time! Love the aviators!