Friday Favorites

Friday, March 25, 2016


see what I did there?

Well hell... Yesterday was my Friday because my company is closed today in observance of Good Friday. Boom... I even got off at 3 yesterday. What a treat! I was home before my kiddoes and got to be there when they all walked through the door, I miss that. They like it too. I got some cooking and laundry done last night so I am in pretty good shape for a kid fee weekend of relaxation. Today I have some personal business to take care of that I have been putting off because I didn't want to take a day off. But since I was given a day off I am going to take care of some bidness... wish me luck, if it works out it could be a very good thing for me! #vaguemuch I'll fill you all in later but for now let's get to awesome things that I want, need and can't live without... with Amanda.


If you don't click on anything else here today click on this. Heard it on Pandora recently and then caught my 10 year old singing it a few days later. Sweet. Meaningful.Touching.


As you all know I am a nude lip junkie because for big lips, it's a safe look. Last weekend I picked up NYX Matte in Butter and I love it. I pretty much love all the NYX products though, price point and quality is perfect for me!


I am feeling it's time for a new tennis dress now that I have dropped another 20 lbs. and tennis clothes are not supposed to be baggy. Has to be Nike of course. This Spring Premier Maria Dress might be it. Love the mesh and back zipper.



Are you guys on SnapChat? Well if not you should be. Helene wrote a post on the ins and outs here yesterday and I must say... I love it. It's spontaneous and unfiltered for the most part. Add me. Just screenshot this pic and you will have my snapcode... all those little dots on my pic are unique to me so if you choose "add by snap code" and pull up this pic on your phone Snapchat will know you want me. How cool is that? I snap whatever it is that pops into my head. Try it, you will like it!


I allow myself one Cadbury Creme Egg a year but... omg this. Creme Egg Cheesecake... could you die?!?! Original pin here. Someone please make this and tell me how amazing it is!!!!

Creme Egg Cheesecake


Ok so if you follow me you already know my hair looks freaking amazing. I have the best hairdresser in Atlanta, Aubrey Burns, but if you don't have her use good products. Alway on a budget, I found this via my teenager... Tresemme Heat Tamer seems to have helped  quite  a bit over the winter when I flat iron the shit out of my hair because, no humidity in Atlanta.


This is about how I have been working out...

fail funny gif funny gifs lol gif fail gif

When your friend offers to bring you home...

mtv ridiculousness rob dyrdek fail gif drunk gif

Seemed like a good idea at the time.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!


  1. hooray for friday! every time it's a long weekend, my days are so screwed up. i woke up thinking it was saturday and started getting ready for my workout!

  2. Good luck taking care of business today! We're closing at noon and I'm so happy I could scream.

  3. Hahaha those gifs! I have used that heat tamer before and loved it!!! That cheesecake looks amazing and I am totally digging this song. Good luck today! Hope you have a great, long weekend!

  4. oh my word, that cheesecake looks amazing. i love a good nude lip so i will have to check that NYX one out. my favourite is milani nude creme :)

  5. Okay . . . your "weekend" lead in was spectacular! Ha! I LOVE that Lukas Graham song so much! It really is awesome! Confession - I think Cadbury creme eggs are freaking gross. But I buy them for my husband every year - he digs them.

  6. I just added you on Snapchat. Georgiapeachy82. I'm addicted and I snap pretty random stuff, too. Lots of my puppy, flowers, and coffee. :) Your make up is stunning in the pic above and NYX Lip Butter is the best stuff ever. I love it!