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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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There were more hours in the day to do the things that I love to do that require zero effort. Does this seem selfish? I have a stack of books & magazines and a long list of Netflix stuff that I really want to get to but either A. I can't seem to find the time or, B. When the time comes I feel a wee bit too guilty to actually lay around and do these things. Wishing for more balance in my life lately. I feel like it's all go, go, go.


Oddly enough Spring. Don't get me wrong, I like spring but it is so typically short lived in GA it fills me with dread for the fast approaching sweltering heat. Once the buds drop off the dogwoods and the Azaleas finish blooming I know my days of good hair are numbered. But then again... dogwoods and azaleas...


To pat myself on the back for getting just a little bit closer to having 2 debts paid off. One will be complete this month and the other will officially be half way gone. I have a lot more to tackle after that but this is huge for me after just not dealing with life for awhile.


Jeans. A lot... and I just bought 2 new pairs. Why is this big news? Because they are one size smaller than what I was wearing in the fall and they actually feel really good. When your jeans get to feeling better you know your clean eating Kung Fu is strong. Now I need some some cute new sneakers to go with for spring, on the hunt!


How to be a professional Cornhole player. My friends and I are joining a co-ed spring cornhole league. We will be playing for 8 weeks every Monday night on the green in the middle of The Collection Forsyth, our local outdoor shopping, dining, lifestyle destination. Sounds like the perfect way to improve the crappiest day of the week, outside, throwing bags and drinking beer with friends!

What are you up to currently?

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  1. ok, you said cornhole and that made me laugh so hard. "cornhole player" made me laugh even harder.

    YES to clean eating kung-fu and smaller jeans. jeans have very little give so the fact that it's one size smaller means gimme a high five!!!

  2. congrats on the debt!! that is awesome. it is my goal this year to pay all of mine off (not mine and my husband's like cars and house, just my credit card debt) and i think i can do it. high five!
    also, good job on the jeans and clean eating. i ate half a marie calendar chocolate pie last night :( not clean at all.

  3. Congrats on new, skinnier jeans! I love that! And yay for paying off debt. I cannot tell you how relieved I get when something finally says $0.

  4. I so understand how you feel on not enough time in the day . . . there's always just so much other more important stuff to do than read, relax, etc. Us moms taking care of every thing but ourselves. High five on the jeans and the debts paid down! Working it! Love the cornhole team . . . we have an adult kick ball league around here but I've never done it!

  5. Hurrah for smaller jeans and smaller debt!

    I'm also really looking forward to spring this year.

  6. Paying off debt is awesome!!! What is even more awesome? A smaller jean size!!! Congrats!!!! I am looking forward to spring for the few weeks we get it before it is hot as hell and I cant handle the heat and am longing for fall again hahaha. Really, I just want to wear dresses and sandals every day again. And sit outside and drink beer. Shhh.

  7. Good for you on paying off more debt and going down a jean size!! Woohoo!! =)

  8. There's a campground I used to stay at almost every weekend. Cornhole is a very popular game there. I'm craving spring as well. Congrats on getting the debts and jeans smaller!

  9. Totally with you on that wishing! And yay for great new jeans! I love my snazzy sneakers with jeans for the spring... just need the snow to go away so I can wear them. Thanks for joining us again!