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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Humpday... feels like it should be Friday already doesn't it? Well anyway it's not so we must confess a few things with Kathy & Nadine and Hashtag the heck out of it with Lolo and Lauren. But first, I have some questions...

Why do random people like random pics on my IG from 64 weeks ago or some other crazy long time ago? This happens to me all the time. Why??? Who has time to even scroll that far? I'm too lazy to even go back and delete them let alone look at them. #stalkmuch

How does Bloglovin know that someone followed a blog because of me? So... people actually look at who I am following, click on them, follow them and Bloglovin sends me a congratulatory email. Thus tricking me into thinking I won something or did something really amazing.  Because they are congratulating me. #stopit

And confessions...

Last weekend I said to myself that I was going to lay low, not go out, save money. And then I got tricked into going out not once but twice. I did not lay low, I spent money and I ate and drank bad things. Complete and total failure. But I get the text and I just cave. #FOMOgotmelike

My hairdresser tried to put some new fun colors in my hair and it din't work... again. #sadness Apparently my hair is so fabulous and has really small pores so it just doesn't accept color well right off the bat. So next time we try lightening it first. #holycrap #butiwantfunhair #whyislifesohard

I ran into this girl in the break room the other day at work who has a much bigger job than me. She is not friendly but of course I said Hello anyway. Because I am. She looked at me and straight up said nothing and walked out. IGNORED. If I didn't give a shit about my job I'd have a few choice words for her. #bitch

Happy Humping!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

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  1. I'd try to get some visine in that bitch's coffee cup. No reason to snub anyone, ever.

  2. rude bitch. i normally dont say hello to people but if they are polite, i am to. actually not true; i've done that but only to people i hate because IDGAF LOL

  3. lol. i have accidentally liked old photos from strangers when i was looking at certain hashtags, and i didn't realise there were no recent ones. so now i just don't look on instagram with hashtags, i stick to friends only lol.
    wow what a bitch ignoring you at work! what a cow. screw her.

  4. I seriously can't imagine just straight up ignoring another person . . . so freaking rude. It's spring . . . I can lay low during the winter but I feel the need to update and go out and spend all the moneys. I feel you girl!

  5. that last meme had me laugh out loud. she IS a smelly pirate hooker!

  6. I wonder the same thing all the time about both insta pictures (Creeper alert!!!!) and Bloglovin emails saying someone followed because of me. Like you dont know!!!!

    My office building is small but there are several small companies that all rent space here. My group sits in the back and we are pretty friendly so we always say hi to whomever we pass in the breakroom and halls. For the most part people smile and say hi back...but there is this one guy that is rude as fuck and literally wont look at you or say anything. But we can hear him talking loud and dumb to his corworkers from his cube so like wtf?!