A Diet Bet & Some New Bling... Pinsperation Style

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So long my love:(
Holy Crap!!! When I joined this thing the pot was like $350 which sounded pretty motivating to me but look at her now!!! $20k and then some is way more than enough to make this girl holla and stop pounding grape and stuffing my face with twinkies and jalapeno cilantro hummus from publix for a month solid. 

So for my$25 investment and losing 4% of my body weight which I am pretty sure I can do by cutting out Bud Light hard work and dedication, I can have a cut of this pot. How cool is that? The problem is I am likely going to split it with hundreds of other newly sober dedicated individuals. But that's ok, it's good clean motivation for me and I linked it up to my FB account so I can be honest and stick to it for all of my social media whore friends to see. BOOM! Here we go...

So I mentioned on Friday that I was going to treat myself to a new Stella & Dot necklace or three because... well... it was a bad idea and I really can't afford it so I got to thinking that maybe I could recreate the look with some inexpensive pieces from Charming Charlie. You know like they show in the magazines in the "the look for less" section??? I usually suck it up and pay for the real thing but I am a single Mom now and I need to be more responsible. And I think anything some magazine stylist can do I can do too, I mean I have style and a pretty good fashion sense i think. So here is the expensive S&D version of the 3 necklaces I wanted and how they show ways to wear it... 

That's $187 worth of fancy costume jewelry ladies... sigh... but I love this look sooo here's my version and all 3 pieces cost a whopping $25. YES I SAID TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!! The crystal necklace was $9.99 and bogo clearance so the chain link number was free. The red acrylic bead bib was $15 bucks and even came with matching earrings, that sucked but still. I am going to say ...

(at least for a first effort,
I know it's not perfect but I think pretty damn good)
What do you guys think???

And that's pretty much all I have for taday chica's. 

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