Perfection In the Pouring Rain - Thank Bobby Bowden!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sorry this picture sucks so bad but as you can see I did not take it. As it turns out, like this picture, most things about my weekend in Tally were out of my control. Which is awfully tough for this Virgo girl to handle but she is learning and weekends like this learn me good! I was so tired all day today from a super fun weekend I had to take a personal day just to catch up on sleep. And laundry. Cause I had to wash 25 beach towels today. Because your ice maker only breaks and floods your kitchen when you are out of town or in my case just returned from out of town and half shit canned on your couch watching football and dozing off from shear exhaustion at 11:30 p.m.. So my weekend re-cap got hijacked by life yesterday but that's what Tuesdays are for anyway.
As we all knew they would the Noles kicked some Bethune Cookman College ass this weekend to the tune of 54-6. Yayawwww!!! We had a great time at the game after we walked at least a mile in the pouring rain in our $5 garnet and gold hooded trash bags. Thank Bobby Bowden I listened to the guy at Garnet and Gold and added those onto to my $200 purchase of absolutely necessary souvenirs. Can you say "money well spent"??? Really... my daughter made me...yes made me... give up this for $20 and buy 4 rain ponchos...
Ok so maybe she was right but a shot of Fireball would have been nicer outta this in the future! I need a garnet and gold chevron flask... I just do.

So the weekend started off with a yummy meal shared with my bestie and a pretty awesome attempt at glitter nails while drinking wine on the deck. Shrimp, Catfish & Grits.
And did I mention there was wine...

And again, thank Bobby Bowden that we all had a decent meal on Friday night cause looka heeya... this about sums up the garbage we threw down our Dorito chutes for the rest of the weekend. Hey, when you got kids you travel cheap or you don't travel. Don't judge me, get on my level.
And can I just say... these Cheeseburger Pringles taste exactly like a McDonalds Quarter Pounder w/ Shiz... I am not even kidding. Close your eyes and try one.

All in all it was a pretty fanfricking tastic weekend. We will definitely be making the annual trek to Tally as a family, maybe even more than one a year. I am working my way toward being a season ticket holder as that has always been my grand plan. Hell,  maybe a Golden Chief with a stadium parking pass... it could happen! Ok... probably not for me alone but perhaps with the correct addition of hubcap #2... muahahaha.. watch yourself Mr. Money Bags FSU Alumni... I am coming for you and I want my garnet Jeep Rubicon!!!! I'm getting waaaayyyyy off track here once again. It was so weird to be traipsing around Tallahassee again and visititng all the various places where I made a complete drunken ass of myself. But I loved every stinkin minute of it. Even walking to the game in the rain with my kids, soaked to the bone in squishy shoes and wishing I had an ice cold beer to make me feel better. Even sleeping with the little princess grinding her teeth in my ear all night. Even going to my old aprtment and my dorm and getting a little teary thinking how I would give ANY-thing to go back and relive that part of my life. All of it. Just fabulous. And for the record I spent wayyyy toooo much money (wait till ya'll see the cute spirit wear I got !!!!) on  trinkets but fuck it... we only get one time on this spinning third rock from the sun. I'll make more money but this weekend it was all about #MakingMemories. 

And that we did.

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