Five On Friday - Southern Accessories Edition

Friday, September 13, 2013

Well, the weekend is upon us again and with it comes my favorite day of the week...FRIDAY!!!
I love Friday for so many reasons but one of the biggies is it's casual day at work. Which, if you knew my office you would be laughing right now. It's pretty casual overall but I guess I give myself permission to really go ultra casual on Friday. Now I don't go all crazy like the one chick in my office who wears ratty jeans and T's, no make up and hair not did. I could never go out in public like that!!! But then again I could never bang other peoples... wait a minute... that's another story. 

So time for some casual down right Southern Accessories today to go along with my skinny jeans, silver flip flops cause it's till 87 degrees here today, and black T. So here's my five:

1. Anything College Football Related - Trust me on this one. If it's fall in the south and you are sporting anything with your favorite team on it it's fashion and you are accessorized!!

2. Your Monogram - Whether it's on your purse, your tote, your stadium blanket, your car, your pocket square, your finger, your neck or your ears...  the triple monogram is the epitome of Southern style and all women of the south likely have many in their wardrobe.

3. Camouflage - I know you may not get it if your not from these parts but Camo can be very chic and a pop of it here or there is a nod to our redneck brother's and sisters taken to the next level. I am not ashamed to say I have a crap ton of camo accessories and I plan on acquiring more. 

4. The 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler - Yes folks it is a cup but it is also mos definitely an accessory here in the South. Here we have a tervis for every sports team, leisure activity, vacation destination, you name it there is a tervis for it and usually filled with your beverage of choice. Here is the new one I got for my birthday with a neon pink Atlanta Falcons logo. 

5. And last but not least... bling. Here's a funky ring I found at an art show and BONUS ... it just happens to be garnet and gold, the team colors of my Seminoles so I shall be sporting it proudly all season. 

See how everything begins and ends with Football?


And wouldn't be Friday without #backthatazz up with Whitney.

And cause I feel like this weekend is going to be #winnerwinnercatfishdinner... 
Mr. Luke "You Can Crash My Party" anytime Bryan

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