Eminen & Clueless Jimmy Boy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

                                                   Berzerk by Eminem on Grooveshark

I am not sure what this will exactly have to do with my post but we shall see. I am originally a Girl from the "D". I was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit... like 5 minutes from the city limits. And as most people do from this area I love all things Michigan, the good and the bad. That includes Marshall Mathers aka Eminen. And he has new music out which the entire planet has been waiting for I am sure as much as I have. I downloaded Berzerk a few days ago and have been blowing out the 3 good speakers left in my car every day since. And as always there is a lyric, usually more than one, that fits for me right now and there you would have it. It's basically a more poetic version of YOLO which is gettin kinda tired if ya ask me.
And it's really perfect in more ways than one because this is kind of my anthem for the now. I have made some hard and unpopular decisions in the last year or 3 but I have learned a lot and I have less regrets as time moves forward for doing what I am doing even if it doesn't make sense. Which some of it totally doesn't ... but like Marshall.... I say fuck it.

Anywho I blew it out the box this past weekend and prolly undid  all of my diet bet work last week but... it was my birfday... so I forgive myself. Back to the tracking and running and tennis and tryin' to be a hot mom this week and not a #fattyarbuckle. So far so good.

Oh and here's what is really annoying me right now. Guys that continue to text even though I don't answer or text back other than to say... not interested.
Notice the dates on these texts, the length of time in between and my lack of response. I think Jimmy boy is dense. He did play college football. Maybe he got hit in the head or tackled too many times. Is this normal??
Am I being too harsh? I went out with this guy 2 times in January... yes folks... 9 months ago, politely gave him the heave ho and he's still trying to get me to go out with him via the periodic "friend catching up text". The lead in to this text was "Question for ya??" Why did I say "yes"? Curiosity.

I am horrible at this but I just can't be mean and say "Hey... I'm just not that into you"... or should I?? Single ladies help me!!! I've only been dating for about a year  and clearly I am doing it wrong since the last time I was on the market there was no texting. What really annoys me about this particular guy is that he always says "I am ready" for this or "I am ready" for that. Oh really??? Well how nice for you, here's a quarter, call someone who cares:) 

Later Gaytor Haters! Thats all I got for taday!

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