Goin Back To Tally, Tally, Tally...

Friday, September 20, 2013

This is goin to be a quickie today folks cause this girl has got mega shiz to get done so I can get the heck outta dodge tomorrow and head to The Florida State Mother Effing University for the game with my kiddoes. This will be our first home game in Tally together as a family. Am I or am I not the coolest Mom like ever? We all got new shirts and I am sure we will be spending a ridic amount of dolla dolla bills on souvenirs at my favorite store on the planet... Garnet & Gold. But here's the deal I got a list a mile long but here is my top five that I have to get done before I go....


Purchase enough glitter to cover the bodies of myself and my 3 children  so that we can create the perfect Christmas card photo with The Glitter Guys here...


Pack a suit so I can legit swim in the pool at the La Quinta  in South Tallahassee. The same pool  my girlfriends and I used to break into on  regular basis thinking we could blend right in with the paying guests carrying a ginormous Styrofoam cooler of beer. Good times, good times. 


Do my nails in some sort of Garnet & Gold fashion... like this...

Not like this...


Get some supplies for my hotel room cause when you are trapped in a small box with 3 children for the night you need box o' wine or 10.... I like these cause they look artsy and there is nothing like trying to class up the fact that you are drinking wine out of a box.


Try not to straight up piss myself out of sheer excitement over the fact that in 24 hours I will be 
hee-ya... walkin on sacred ground!!!


Can ya tell I'm so excited I had to link up twice!!
Later Gaytor Haters!


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