Come At Me Bro - Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Wednesday so that means it's time for a few little confessions & hashtags up in here today....

Lately I feel like I am constantly being interrogated. Between online dating and job interviews it's fucking exhausting. Especially all the questions from prospective suitors. I think it's a tad douchey to bombard me with questions about every aspect of my life  on a first date, but if your buying the wine I'll play along I guess. I went on a date and an interview Monday and the date was a thousand times more intense than the interview. The weird thing is that during/after all of the third degree I felt like we were kinda hitting it off. I mean I get not wanting to waste time and trying to figure out if there is a connection or not so I understand the 3rd degree in theory. It ended on a nice note and I sent the obligatory thank you text later that evening and got back.... "I enjoyed meeting you" that's it. Huh??? And nothing since. #didntseethatcoming

I have been feeding the sugar monster too much and I can totally feel it. Sugar is the devil for me and it just makes me want more sugar. My Mom sent us a delicious coffee cake for Easter too. FML I am trying so hard to resist but I just want to shove it in my facehole. #givemeallthecake

Guess who's got a really, really big secret?

Make that "this girl" actually... as in me. Can't wait to tell you guys and I am sorry for being cryptic. I'm not superstitious. #butimalittlestitious #andcoocoo

Everywhere I go lately people are parked or parking like morons. I drive a big vehicle and I can manage to park it so what gives? I'm carrying post-its now so I can leave them little notes... cause maybe they just don't know. #getitintherehomie

If you fuck like you park, you'll never get it in.

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  1. dont even get me started on the awful parkers. i esp hate the doucheholes who take up two spots because they don't want anyone parking near them. those aholes make me want to key their car!

  2. Online dating is so crazy. I have only met crazies on it. It's horrible. I cannot stand terrible parkers, makes me so ragey.

  3. ha, dating and job interviewing at the same time is basically all day long interviews! lol.

    And thanks for some Khal Drogo this morning. Yum!

  4. I watched someone park super far away from the car beside him.. especially in an unlined parking lot.. with only 3 cars in it. The the only thing that would have fit in the space was a motorcycle or a mini. It was obnoxious and I wanted to tap on his window and be like YOU are the reason people hate you. You're an asshole parker.

  5. I love leaving notes for people that say "You park like an asshole."

    Both interviewing and dating sound exhausting.

    I'm intrigued by your big secret.

  6. I love the post it idea. I have seen sooo many bad parker's recently, drives me nuts.

    Dating sounds exhausting! All those questions, all those rejections if they don't message back. UGH!

    1. It is totally exhausting but occasionally I meet a good one so there's that!

  7. LOL at your sticky note! We had assigned parking spots at my apartment in college and there was always some moron that parked in my spot. Having my waitress pad on hand came in handy :) YAY FOR EXCITING THINGS!!

  8. I seriously want to put that sticky note on the next person's car who is parked ridiculously! That is freaking hilarious :D

  9. I need post-its because I just had the same experience. So annoying. Intrigued by the secret. Dating is so exhausting!

  10. YOUR POST IT NOTE IS HYSTERICAL - I bow to you! Just epic!

    And yeah, at work there's this one chick who has to basically interrogate everything I do, and she isn't even CLOSE to being my boss - and I seriously think "come at me bro" on a regular basis.

  11. Bahahahahaha that post it note! So true. People can't park worth shit. And I gave into the sugar monster hard this week too - banana bread coffee cake and like a while bag of almond M&Ms. Terrible and now I just want more!!! Also, your "come at me bro" GOT gif got me really excited for the premier this week. Do you watch Game of Thrones? Anyways, that's the random tangent I felt the need to add on the end of this comment...

  12. I'm so glad I didnt o the dating thing and job interviews at the same time. I never thought about it as being interrogated all the time but that is exactly what it is!