Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey there ! Monday again... after a lovely lazy weekend for me! It has been raining for what seems like days on end here and this weekend was no different. It wasn't all that bad though. I did a whole lotta nothing exciting but it was a couple of days perfect for regrouping and recharging.

I got some meals prepped for this week... The Paleo Kitchen cookbook's Four Layer Beef & Bacon Casserole turned out great! Highly recommend that book!

I did make it to Target on Sunday but not at the crack of dawn so all the Lilly stuff was long gone and the displays being dismantled and hauled away. What a disappointment. I mean I knew it would go fast but come on. And to all of the women who ran in there like it was their life's mission, loaded up carts full and went home and listed it all on Ebay... you fucking suck. Get a life losers. And charging double or more for it? For shame.

My daughter went to her first prom and she looked amazing. Luckily she was able to borrow a dress from her cousin so I did not have to shell out a ton of money. She even bought her own shoes and paid for her own mani/pedi. She is awesome! They looked so cute and had fun. I felt like my Mother a little which was weird. I do not like this lol.

Now  I can get back to drooling all over the ACM's... holy crap Sam Hunt. Hope everybody had a good one and has a great week coming up! Happy Monday.

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  1. SHE LOOKED GORGEOUS! i think when kayla has her prom, im going to cry like a baby and be one of those crazy moms who embarrass her and take a zillion pictures.

    i dont know what that brand is as i've never heard of it but women sometimes do take things a bit too far. now i must google to see how popular it is! but it's very um.....flowery. not my jam and i'd probably look like a walking dishrag if i wore it.

  2. Your daughter looked gorgeous! That casserole looks pretty amazing too!

  3. You daughter is a stunner for prom!!! I agree with your take on the ladies that raided target and then posted on ebay - not cool! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Your daughter looks GORGEOUS! I hope she had so much fun at prom! It's so funny you wrote that about women hoarding the Lily stuff. I follow a few bloggers on Instagram that posted pics of their three carts each and people are HATING. They are getting comments like, "I hate people like you. You ruin it for everyone." I totally feel the same. Why do people have to be so selfish? I rolled into my Target at 11 am and pretty much everything was gone. Oh well. I guess I didn't need that junk anyway bc there is ZERO chance I am paying double on Ebay.

  5. LOLOL @ I do not like this. Indeed. Your daughter looks beautiful!

    I think Lilly stuff looks like color (which I love) threw up everywhere (which I don't).

  6. The casserole sounds so good!! Your daughter is beautiful and the dress looks fab! I am not a fan on LP but the buying it just to sell on eBay is ridiculous!

  7. Maybe I should invest in a cookbook bc I always forget that I want to make more paleo/whole 30 friendly food.

    Wowza, you better watch out with your daughter! I love that dress!

  8. Mmmmmm yes, Sam Hunt! Your daughter looked stunning and it's impressive she took some of the costs on herself. Hope she had a good time. Oh, and I'll be over here drooling over that casserole for the rest of the day. YUM!