Job Lost and Found - What I Learned, What I Did & How It Changed Me

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Have you ever lost your job unexpectedly? Let me tell you, I have, twice now... and it sucks big hairy balls. If you are new here let's get you caught up. I lost my job due to a RIF last November. MUTHER FUCKING NOVEMBER. And I just got a new one last week. That's 23 weeks of unemployment folks. I was almost off for half the year. How is that possible? More importantly I survived it. Me... broke single Mom with more issues than Vogue. I made it. Not without the help of family, friends and anything else I could find that was available to me. No shame. I did get 20 weeks of unemployment which helped some (and no, it's not a lot of $$$) but mostly I made the executive decision to just wait, use my savings and wait for the right thing to come along. I am still not sure if this is the absolute right thing but new job has serious potential. 

Somehow I managed to not just make it through the lean times but really take control over a few things in my life that I could control and here are  few things that I either learned or already knew that the universe just threw in my face again... because Amy can be a lil bit slooooowwww. 

The best part of your life us sometimes comes hardest the hardest choices of your life ~ce

Everything happens for a reason.

Be careful what you wish for. I was at the point of hating my old job and cursing it daily. Well, the universe took care of that for me.

Eggs are cheap and so are potatoes.Breakfast all day is budget friendly and pleases the masses.

Fleetwood Mac or really any music form the 70's fights depression, especially the Rumors album. It also inspires creativity. Play it loud and on repeat if possible. Drink every time Stevie talks to the crowd.

Find something else to focus on while you are unemployed. I mean you have to focus on getting a job but pick another big thing and tackle it. What else have you got goin' on? Here's your answer... a whole lotta nuthin.

Look at the time off as a gift. I know this seems odd because no money coming in is highly stressful for most of us and not like a gift at all. I got to spend 100% more time with my kids these last few months and believe me, their excitement about this was not lost on me. I got to be a stay at home Mom again, maybe for the last time, who knows. I did not hate more time with my people.

The holidays were my most relaxing since I got divorced because I really had time to enjoy them and not worry about the stuff... no money means less stuff and more time with people.

People asking how the job search is going 24/7 need to just chill the fuck out.

I had one major meltdown during the last 4 months. Hysterical, ugly, can't breathe crying on the phone to my mother and some times you just need to let it all out. It's ok, you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow when your face is swollen and hideous.

It's ok to be a little bit lazy while you're not working. When else can you really get away with it? People will understand and not judge you as long as you say "I just lost my job man and it sucks so bad". Rock dem PJ's.

This time was different than the last time for me. Last time I was unemployed I was still married but had already begun the divorce process. I freaked out and had major panic attacks not only over the job loss but because I knew not working would prevent me from moving forward in my life. Freaking out and stressing out does not help at all. The number one thing I learned this time and really embraced was just stay calm, stay focused and do what you can do everyday. Something will come, and it will.

I think I am stronger for this experience. No. I know I am. There are times in life when things happen and you think, that's it... I'm done. There is no way that I can get through this one more thing... but I keep learning, after all these years, that you can. It really takes deciding who you want to be. I see people in my life, my old life, who have given up and let circumstances defeat them and it really is just that simple. You make the choice.

Again, thanks to all of you my cheer leaders! You just don't know how the words you wrote or texted or spoke kept me going.

And stay tuned as I am sure the huge bldg. I now work in will lend itself to a plethora of entertaining snap chats. Hit me up...

Stay cool...


  1. This post is so amazing. You have no idea. :)

  2. Sometimes life has a way of directing you in the direction you need to go. Glad you rolled with it and found something that is working for you.

  3. You really handled the whole situation like a rock star. It was motivating even to me with a job. I was impressed how you went for Whole30 and killed it, still had humor, sarcasm and happy thoughts and basically didn't let it phase you. I'm excited to see how this next experience goes for you!!!

  4. You are absolutely stronger from this. I think you handled it so well.

    The Rumours album is the cure for many things that ail you.

  5. GREAT post! So many valuable lessons learned. To truly feel like you are a stronger person has to be a pretty great feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm so glad you stuck it out! Ever since I started persuing the job market while still employed, all that was ever coming up were these entry level jobs that paid no, I don't want to take 8 giant years back, thank you! I was totally at the miserable point too....just straight up hated coming in every day. And well....they took care of that for me. I was sad as after four years I had all these great working relationships, but I don't regret how it ended. Onwards and upwards, my friend!