Friday Favorites

Friday, April 3, 2015

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Heyyyyy it's Friday!!! I have been a slacker this week over here and missed a couple of days. But I can not miss linking up with Amanda for some weekly favorites so let's get right to it.


Ortega Fiesta Flats... flat taco shells. My kids thought this was the best thing ever. I did not eat one but it's def a good thing! No more plates covered with everything that fell out of your taco shell.


I am currently doing a squat challenge along with my shred but next up I am doing an arm challenge for 30 days. Jiggle is not good in the tank tops. I like this one, easy and basic and no gym involved.

30 day arm challenge | Day 20 of 30 Day Challenge!! |


Yes, Dierks, yes I could. I could say anything you want me to. Could he look any hotter in this video?  Ugh...This man tho. See you next month sir.


Creamy Feta Dip with Jalapenos - I'm thinking since I am without kids for the weekend and part of next week for spring break I will eat whatever I want instead of making meals. This basically means I will eat appetizer type foods for days... and try to keep it clean.  Been craving something cheesy like this... full recipe here.,

crazy feta I


Red Bubble Drawing Studio Pouches - I love a clutch or a pouch style purse when going out. I also love things that are kind of kitschy and fun. These come in large or small and range from $22 to $24, perfect for a fun summer addition to the accessory wardrobe.


Not sure if this was real or some sort of April Fool's joke. Either way...Fuck you JobsRadar and the keg you rolled in on.

I have been decidedly feeling a little like this all week. 

funny animated GIF

And I have not been sleeping well so come 6:00 I am worthless. 

funny animated GIF

And you know how you feel when your alarm goes off after a somewhat sleepless night?

funny animated GIF

People one annoying friend keep asking me why I am doing all these workout challenges. 

funny animated GIF

I love a good surprise. 

funny animated GIF

And we can't let a Friday go by without a face plant.

funny animated GIF

Or two...

funny animated GIF

Happy Friday Betches!


  1. Amy! Where did you find those taco shells or did you make them? I need those in my life!

  2. haha! that bike face plant is so awesome.

  3. yesss appetizer like food for every meal!!

  4. Those fiesta flats look amazing!! I have been looking like that pup everyday of my vacation. Face plants will always be funny!

  5. Flat taco shells are genius! The bike gif ... #ded