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Monday, April 13, 2015

My new site One Beautiful Life is here! I kicked off with a little v-log talking about how the site came to be: Hope you like it! xx

Here we are again on Monday! Wow... where did that weekend go?? It went especially fast for me since it was my last weekend as a jobless woman. SURPRISE!!! If you are reading this on Monday morning I am currently at work... at my new job. Can you believe it? I finally found something or something finally found me, not sure which but I am once again gainfully employed at least for the next little bit. It's a contract to perm position and not exactly what I thought I was looking for but, everything happens for a reason right? So we shall see. But for real, say a prayer for me today because I hate the first day at a new job. Nerves have been shot.  These last few months have taught me a lot and I am going to write another post on that.  It has been a humbling yet oddly cathartic experience but today I am absolutely 100% thrilled to be back to work for a great company and the future looks bright. Cheers to that!

Friday night I did manage to get out for yet another night. Yes, somehow I took take full advantage of the spring break stay-cation/last week of freedom and go out 4 nights in a row. I might have been celebrating. Ya think? I wound up at my favorite little spot again, Sip Kitchen & Wine Bar  and once again loved sampling the wine and tapas. A walnut pesto, creamy mozzarella, balsamic tomato burrata is now my new favorite. Pimento cheese empanadas not too bad either. I need to get back on the wagon!

As for my weekend shenanigans, I soaked it all up. I ate too much pizza and I'm not sorry, shopped and played tennis. I tried to pack a lot into getting geared up for Monday and major schedule change again. I stocked up... food for days so I don't have to go during the week or even think about it for awhile. Thanks Costco (no lobster ravioli, I was strong)! I had great grand plans of meal prepping myself to death but shopping for new work clothes took precedence on Saturday. My last office was ultra casual, like flip flops and jeans casual when boss not in town but this one is business casual and jeans on Friday. I was seriously in need of just a few pieces and Old Navy fit my budget once again. I invested in some long to 3/4 length sleeve pieces until I determine the company policy on visible ink if there is one. I figure as they start to love me more daily duh I can roll the sleeves up a bit here and there. I got a couple of tunic type tops, tanks for layering, navy chinos and fun black & white dot chinos and a new (smaller) black skirt. I got a few "just for me" pieces too... $8 pajama shorts for the win!

Sooooo... I am not exactly sure how this new job thing is going to affect my blog schedule. I have become accustomed to blogging in the a.m. after I get the kids off to school so obvi gonna have to get back to nights and weekends. If I am MIA for a minute don't worry I will be back. It might just take me a little bit to get back into the swing of kids/work/life/blog. I do want to thank so many of you for always being incredibly supportive while I was boo-hooing over here about getting the boot from my last job. It has not been easy but your words of encouragement have been a bright spot in my days.

That's all I have for today my friends. Wish me luck!

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  1. Congrats on the new job - that's so exciting!!! Hope you have a great first day :)

  2. congrats x 10000! so awesome you found something, contract or not; at least you get to log this experience under your belt and resume experience is always a bonus.

  3. Congratulations Amy! I was thinking/hoping this was what the news was. Best of luck on your new day, it'll be over before you know it! They're going to love you!

  4. How exciting!! Hope your first day goes well today :)

  5. Congrats girly!!! I also hate the first day at work, its like starting a new high school and don't know who the cool kids are or where to eat lunch. ha!! Have fun!

  6. Congrats on the new job!! Hope your first day went well!! Those shorts are super cute!

  7. Congrats on the job! Hope you love it!

  8. A new job is a good reason to shake up the blogging schedule. Congrats!

  9. AHH yay for a new job!! good luck I really hope it works out for you!!!

  10. Congrats on landing the job!! The food looks awesome. You deserve all that deliciousness!