Friday Favorites: We Made It

Friday, April 17, 2015


In victory one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it. -Napoleon Bonaparte

Woohoo!!! I have almost officially made it through my first week back to work and I feel great! Yes, it has been a really good week for me. I love my new job, at least so far. There is always the getting to know everything curve so a little slow getting started but I think it is going to be really, really good. Great company, great boss, great people and by far the most laid back atmosphere I have ever seen. One guy said to me "yeah, they treat us like adults here".

wow animated GIF

Having come from a place where the employees were micromanaged by the nutella shrew a few this is the answer to my prayers! I am soooo psyched! Thank you all for all your words of encouragement this week, you guys are the best!

So it would not be Friday without favorites and with my favorite newlywed Amanda. So lezzzz goooo...


Just love this girl... music so sexy.


I pre-ordered this book, The Paleo Patisserie, and I have yet to get it. Get ur shit together Amazon and send it already since it came out on April 7. I am so making this for my next birthday because I am, in fact, a carrot cake fanatic.

Paleo Maple Carrot Cake recipe from My Paleo Patisserie + Book Review


Why do these have to be so expensive? Tieks...I want them in every color for work. Or maybe just the leopard because it goes with everything right? If you have them are they worth it? Anyone know a good copy cat?


Ladies... I give up. I ask for tattoos and a beard. I get an attorney that sends poetry.


Did anyone see Carole Radziwell rocking these Balmain Red Biker Jeans this week on RHONY? I died. I want these, if I win the lottery I will buy them at $1117.00... yeah. What about these people is real exactly? Still love her though as she is my cougar kin. I predict she totally bone's LouAnne's personal chef.

BALMAIN Red Biker Jeans ❤ liked on Polyvore

YES! Cheers to the freakin' weekend girls! XOXO de ModeMusthaves meisjes

And since the weekend is perfect for falling down, I give you people falling down and generally acting a fool.
This would be me. 

World’s Funniest Fails animated GIF

Wtf is exactly happening here? Pants falling off always funny.

fails animated GIF

Who wears jeans and a belt to workout. This guy. 

fails animated GIF

Yet another reason not to run. 

fails animated GIF

I know this goes with none of the previous stuff but dammit, sometimes I miss Jackass. Banana pranks, also always funny. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Think of me when you eat that banana.


  1. The guy lifting weights - I almost spit out my water! And those leopard shoes are all kinds of adorable.

  2. YES it's amazing when you go from a crappy work environment to an awesome one! it almost blows you away that people can actually act like respectful adults!!! congrats on this new position :)

  3. I love Tove Lo. And that paleo cake looks really good.

  4. I am dying! Those gifs were the best. And that POF message? Exactly why I'm not on there anymore. I went on the worst date ever with a guy from POF. I shudder just thinking about it ha.

  5. $1100 for jeans? WTF.

    I'm so glad you're in a great workspace!

  6. I have them and they are so comfortable but I can't stand how the toe doesn't have like a patent protector or something because I'm clumsy and trip into everything and I've peeled back the leather. Check out these from Nordstrom, they are half the price and my pair has held up better!
    Yosi Samara flats

  7. That carrot cake sounds so good! What in the world was he talking about!!!! Weird! Ohh the running one, ouch!