Monday, April 27, 2015

So... I didn't do shit this weekend! No really... this is going to be the worst weekend recap ever. I would like to say that I was too busy out doing fun things but that's not even it. I had a half kid free weekend, and played a make up tennis match for last weekends rain out and and this weekends last match of the season on Sunday. The best news is my team is going to play offs!! We came in second in our division which means we go in as underdogs but we are still in the play off bracket! Woohoo! I won Saturday and Sunday... fucking baller!

Friday I picked up my free Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets from Kicks 101.5 that I won when I was home doing really important unemployed stuff... like calling radio stations. I also got a new leather and pearl ring from a friend of mine who recently went to the beach. She was with me when I bought one years ago that later broke because I wore it out. I have been on a hunt for a replacement forever and she found it for me. I only had a half kid free weekend because my daughter had to work and she ran a 5k on Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon miraculously the rain cleared and and I got my match in... and got burnt thru the clouds... dammit. Later I had a little wine with friends, did some shopping, cooking and lounging around. I did not do laundry or housework. And the world did not end. Oh and also I got stood up for a date I was supposed to have on Saturday night. I guess someone chickened out again. Why in the hell do these guys ask me out and then neglect to follow thru??? Ugh... I am nearing the end of my days again for online dating... losers, all of them losers. A couple of months is all I can handle and then I need a break!

I cooked a little... big breakfasts and a huge batch of paleo meatballs for the upcoming week. I got to Skype with one of my best guy friends who is currently in Kuwait serving our country and that was super special! Other than that... I did a whole lotta sleepin and laying around!

Hope you all had a good one!

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  1. Free Skynard tix? That's pretty amazing! I won Christina Aguilera tickets many moons ago and it was as exactly as awful as you could imagine.

  2. Sometimes we need a quiet weekend of doing not much! Yay for a new ring and for all the paleo meals you will post. I need some meal inspiration!

  3. Girl I didn't even leave the house on I feel yah on all of that ;-)

  4. weekends where I do nothing are the best! I think I have more of those than the average adult. oh well.

  5. Love that you got to catch up with your friend - that must have been so special! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. laying around all day is nothing to look down on....i wish i could spend a sunday like that!!!

  7. I have never in my life won anything from a radio station or a giveaway, so way to go with that! Those shoes are super cute! And I'm all about not doing housework and laundry on the weekends. snooze.

  8. I am hoping for similar this weekend. Just a lot of crapping around with no real direction.

  9. I am hoping for lazy weekend this coming weekend. Congrats on the playoffs. I can only do a month at a time too and then it gets annoying.