2 Weeks til' Christmas & Stuff.... By The Numbers

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rain drops.:

5 ...the number of nights in a row I have had things to do in the evening that have kept me away from my kids, my home, my sofa, my Christmas tree and my bed

87... the number of casseroles I sampled at my office pot luck luncheon yesterday

0... the number of days I have gone without spending money lately on something I really don't need

77... the number of years old  the most awesome Dad in the world (mine) turned on Tuesday

1600 ... number of doll hairs I am about to drop on a new double oven... reluctantly

4 ... the number of types of cold medicine I took yesterday before one worked... CVS brand alka seltzer cold for the win

55 ... the amount of cash I won at trivia and by sheer luck 3 days in a row last weekend... I never win shit either

10 ... the number my youngest child is about to turn next week. All double digits for ever and ever amen. No more babies... bittersweet

12 ... the number of months since I lost my job, my world changed and I thought life would never be the same

8 ... the number of months since I found my job, my world changed and life would never be the same

5 ... the number of weeks since I have played tennis. Wait... what??? Lazy Fuck

6 ... the number of days till my new oven gets delivered and I become a cooking/baking fool once again

1 ... the number of big tattoos I am designing with an amazing artist for this winter. Stay tuned.

16 ... Days till Christmas... ahhhhhhh


  1. i can't believe we have 2wks to go! time is flying by :(

  2. $1600! Freaking double ovens. I want one but so money.

  3. Great list!! Isn't it crazy how better your life is at the new job? I keep thinking back and it's day and night from where I was in January to where I am today!

  4. That's awesome about winning trivia like that! I never win anything either and I won TWO prizes at a baby shower this past weekend!

  5. Double ovens!!! How delightful!!! Casseroles at parties are just the best, aren't they? Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I think the constantly changing weird weather has everyone off lately. Cant wait to hear more about this tattoo!! I want another so bad!