Weekending - Fire, Wine & A Good Cause

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Hey there and Happy Tuesday to all of you! I had a really nice weekend and so far this week is off to a decent start as well! I have stuff to do every night this week except for Friday so it's gonna be very, very busy! I'm not really all that happy about that this time of year as I would really rather be sitting on the couch splitting my time between looking at the TV and the Christmas tree. I got to do a little of that this weekend and I had a little driveway party to christen my new Walmart special fire pit. With wine, marshmallows and a few stray children...

Saturday was a get shit done day around the house. And then off to another wine tasting, this time girls only. We were back at Talk of the Table to celebrate Repeal Day... the day that Prohibition ended in the U.S. in 1933. Like we ever need a reason to drink wine, but it was fun as usual!

Sunday I had a pretty cool experience with my girl scout troop. We spent an afternoon of service at a local non profit called Meals By Grace.

Meals By Grace is a great charity in our community that helps families in need that have school aged children. They partner with the school system and social workers to assist families in having enough food to eat during times of hardship. Every Saturday and Sunday they, with the help of volunteers, prepare hot meals  and big plastic bins filled with enough food to make meals to feed the family for the coming week. At the end of the day Sunday volunteers load up their cars and are given an address of a family in need to deliver to. Last Sunday they had the biggest volunteer turnout ever, over 450 people showed up to help. Our girls actually ended up helping make home made laundry detergent to give to families. We had a great experience learning about the ministry and then actually having the opportunity to go and deliver the food to a family. It makes you think especially at this time of year how very much we all have to be thankful for and that some people, children too will go to bed hungry tonight. I am so glad we did this and it is a cause that I will continue to support from this point on! Good stuff.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

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