Monday, December 14, 2015

Last week kind of sucked from the standpoint of down time ... I had none (but my awesome son put out the Christmas lights see below). I do  not like not having any down time.  I took a night off on Thursday as I was feeling a little run down but then the weekend came and I got sucked into going out on Friday. I was really all set to stay home, hunker down with the dog and be a slob. Then someone texted and said come on and well... I was gone. I think I'm, starting to think about the new year and the fact that I will be taking some time to focus on getting healthier, eating better, not drinking... so might as well go out now and enjoy the holiday season! Other than the beer I Instagrammed there were no pictures Friday night... bad blogger. Saturday I spent the entire day at home alone with my dog in it was glorious!!!! We mostly did laundry and laid around watching TV and that was fine by me.

By evening I was really itching to get out, eat and not have to cook. Sooo I took a field trip to a new grocery store that opened just 5 minutes from my house, Earth Fare... do you have one? It's a lot like Sprouts if you have that and I love Sprouts. It was very cool but annoyingly crowded with narrow aisles so I shopped the perimeter mostly. Why do people think it's ok to just barrel into you and not say "excuse me" or "I'm sorry"? Ugh... heathens... anyway, they have all kinds of cool healthy stuff like organic produce, a nut butter bar, scoop your own ravioli, a bulk liquids station for olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and agave nectar and I can't remember what else. I was overwhelmed and hungry. I ended up choosing Salmon Wellington for my take and bake dinner as  I had a really nice chardonnay chilled at home. Cheesecake too among a few other things. Much to my surprise when I got home and cooked it, it wasn't salmon at all... it was beef. And it was freaking amazing... a beautiful filet with mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry for $6.99... my good luck continues! I am really looking forward to having this place just minutes from my house! Sold... and cute guys shop there... bonus.

Sunday breakfast at Waffle House with man friend... I always forget to take pictures when I'm with him... shopping, football, more decorating, and vegging. Good weekend! I got rest... it was a good thing!

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  1. That grocery store looks like my kind of place.

  2. I need to go to your grocery store because your dinner sounds incredible! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That grocery store looks like a place we have around here... I'm obsessed with going there!

  4. I NEED that growler! Sounds like an awesome grocery store, although cramped aisles do drive me crazy.

  5. We have an Earth Fare but it is 45 minutes away from my house. So rude I want to have nut butter bar and scoop ravioli!!! I think I am on the same page as you, get all my fun in now before shit gets real.

  6. Even though you were tired, I think it's good that you got out