Friday Favorites

Friday, December 18, 2015

28 Festive Star Wars Christmas Cards:

Hallo.... I guess there is some kind of insanely popular movie coming out today so I figured I might as well put some Christmas Darth Vader up in here. I don't have a ticket yet but I'll see it eventually. I am actually thinking Xmas night after my kiddoes head off to Dad's. So what is up?? We are one week out people until the big day!!! Can you believe it? I am feeling remarkably good about the whole deal. I made the executive decision to sign up for Amazon Prime this week and literally buy myself some more shopping time. I have packages arriving daily and I am loving it!! I am actually shopping while blogging... who knew? Well... I am sure you did but whatever. Let's get to the weekly faves round up with Amanda shall we?


Steph reminded me of this the other day, how much I love this song even though it's a little dated. I remember it from when I was a kid and always thought it was romantic. Although it's about being alone technically. I love her voice and those outfits... groovy. Bring back the harem pants!!!!


Always thinking of ways to add to my rose shoulder piece. Love this. Chunking away a 5 dollar bill here and there for something new. Habit I got into after I quit smoking  since I used to burn up $5 a day on the regular. 

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded:


Married At First Sight is back and I am already sucked in after 2 episodes. Anyone else? I personally don't see any of these couples making it. Sorry. Why are people doing this? I mean I know it's tough out there but is it for 15 seconds of fame? Real love? I just can't even imagine an arranged marriage. But it's great reality TV! Anyone watching?


Bacon Appetizer Crescents - I have been making these for years!!! Since before I had kids even, that's a long damn time. It's a never fail, always a big hit recipe! Many sources for this one but this pin had the best picture and made me straight up want to lick the screen. Looka here...

Bacon Appetizer Crescents great for tailgating, parties, holidays or just a snack:


No time to work out during the holidays? I hear ya... this is one I always go back to. Torture by 10's... Easy peezy and done. No excuses. I bet you could even do it drunk. Not sure but maybe. Hey @workoutroutine I love your tattoos!!!!

Torture by 10's.:


Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pasta - So, someone is gearing up for a second Whole 30. Someone might be me or maybe possibly another blogger you all know and love. Maybe a whole bunch of people are getting ready to eat clean in a few weeks! I'm just putting it out there now, if I can eat Buffalo Chicken anything I'm in. Are you? Stay tuned!

Paleo Buffalo Chicken "Pasta":


Ugh... it's almost that time of year again. If you are getting ready to get back on the wagon like yours truly, Teami Blends has a great Xmas deal going on right now!!! 

What does the Teami Holiday Detox Pack include? 

1) Teami 30 Day Detox Pack
2) Green Teami Tumbler
3) Teami Santa Infuser
4) Teami Tumbler Sock 

Package Value: $94.00 Your Price: $79.99! 

Enjoy all of your daily Teami essentials in the Christmas themed colors! And use code 

CWW17 for 17% off 

this or any Teami product until the 25th!
I really do love these products folks and they work!!


I am always looking for holiday decor short cuts. Winner.

grinchfully decorated.....I need to do this outside one year. Bet Shawn wouldn't complain about putting these lights up:

This guy truly gets the concept of the #TBT. Rock on.

This dad who totally gets Throwback Thursday.

Dads that save the day...

Another way cool Dad...

28 Dads Who Are Unquestionably Winning At Parenthood

The babies are killing it this week... wait for it...

28 Dads Who Are Unquestionably Winning At Parenthood

And look at Dave stinkin cute is he???

28 Dads Who Are Unquestionably Winning At Parenthood

Yeah well that's about it for me and it just hit me that this is likely my last Friday Favorites post of 2015. Nope... it actually is since next Friday is Christmas Eve and I will be having my big little family fancy dinner. And the next week is NYE and I am having all my closest drinking buddies over for adult fun. So I will say it's been a sweet ride of fabulous Fridays this year with all of you. Hopefully many more to come! Have a great weekend!

Cheers bitches!


  1. Those bacon apps. I think I might need to go to the store...

  2. hahahah HODOUKEN!!!!! i love it. i grew up with street fighter and reference it every chance i get. some of the younger kids here don't get it and i'm like YOU SUCK STOP TALKING TO ME!

  3. I am so fluffy. I'm going to be eating spaghetti squash freaking daily soon.

  4. I need that appetizer in my life - I like to wait until all the episodes have aired and then binge on married at first sight lol! Happy weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Ohhhh that app looks delightful for this week.....then I will be jumping all over that buffalo chicken spaghetti squash recipe on January 4th!!!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. Love the subtle hinting! Ugh I didn't get to posting today. I need to get my shizz together. Hopefully I can get us a button we like done today so we will at least have that going into the weekend to prep! Happy Friday friend!

  7. That crescent roll appetizer looks great! Those little rolls can seriously be turned into anything

  8. I got hooked on Married At First sight last season, so I'm excited it's on again! Not so sure if any of these couples will work out, though!