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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy humpday y'all!! We are half way through the last full work week of the year! I have been working on that happy fact all week long. I am definitely right smack in the middle of the holiday hell of food, drink, parties, shopping, did I say food? Ava had a birthday yesterday, my youngest is 10 so all double digits forever for me! I absolutely love having a kids birthday in December because we need more things to celebrate, presents to buy and more food to eat, places to go blah blah blah. Confession time with Kathy & Nadine and hashtags with Lolo and Lauren comin' at ya... Go!

Sometimes I stalk Google Analytics Realtime Overview and I absolutely cringe when I see someone is reading a post I wrote like 3 plus years ago when I just started blogging. I look at the computer like "why? Why are you on that post?... get off, get off, get off... I have better content I swear!!!" #becauseyellingatthecomputerworks

Why is it that every single year at this time I just go hog wild and eat and drink all of the things?? I am completely out of control right now. It all looks and tastes so good and then I immediately feel bad. #sothenieatmyfeelings #dontjudge

I am never ever getting a new oven, the oven Gods still hate me. Did I mention I ordered my second oven last week and my bank thought it was a fraudulent charge and froze my account for 24 hours??? By the time I got it all sorted out the sale was over and the price went up on the oven by $400. Now, Home Depot said they would honor the sale price but only via refund which would take 7-10 business days. Ummm... not giving you $400 to keep for 7-10 days at Christmas time. Thanks for nothing HD. #customerservicefail

I have not really gone out yet this week and it's Wednesday... which means Friday is pretty much almost here. #everybodysworkinfortheweekend

Tuesday's High 70... Low 42 Friday's High 50, Low 29.... and everyone is getting sick. Gee I wonder why. Ugh... just give me winter puh-lease!!!!#bipolarweathermuch

Have a great day errybody!!!

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  1. I am also totally out of control on the eating and drinking. Today I was like okay I'm not going to eat anything bad...then I walked by a brownie 10 minutes later and immediately considered it. WTF!

  2. Hahaha I love to read people's old posts!! Its funny to see how much people grow and change in just a few short years! Hopefully you get your oven and your money soon!

  3. You can have winter. It's snowing here. Bahumbug! I've been terrible with all the foods too, and we have so much more celebrating to go. I've been telling myself I'm not going to drink this weekend to balance out the calorie ratio... we'll see how that goes (we both know I'm going to fail) haha

  4. I am out of control right now as well. Shit is going to get real on January 4th, isn't it?!?!! Ughhhh yes, please give me winter. Please, please please, please!!!!

  5. Ugh I hate when the bank does that! WHy dont they just call or message you...those asshats. The weather here has been very up and down too and everyone is sick at school.

  6. Every time I look at a blog or a youtube page I always look through their old posts/videos, I guess to see how far they've come? I don't know, maybe that's weird? haha And I completely agree the weather needs to make up its mind. Either be warm or cold but stop the incessant back and forth.

  7. I watched that little Asian girl gif about 20 times. Love it! I don't ever even look at analytics. Bad blogger, so much so.