Breathe...just Breathe

Friday, March 21, 2014

I cried at work yesterday. Cried. At work. I don't do that. But I did and ugh.... then people  offered me money.

Either they were feeling really sorry for me or it was just so awful that they were willing to pay me to stop. Maybe I'm onto something here...jeenyus??? Nahhh... slightly overly emotional and at times uncontrollably feeling sorry for myself ... Yes. I did not take the money either.

In case you are wondering why I was crying at work, things like exploding water heaters gushing water uncontrollably at 7:00 in the morning tend to have that affect on me. There's a lot of things in my house that are slightly broken, and this week they all broke completely. Amy don't do broken expensive shit well. This makes me want to stick my head in a paper bag, breathe and throw up simultaneously. And then cry some more. I did manage to get one thing fixed yesterday... the hot water heater. So we don't have to run to quik trip to pee today. Praiseallujah!!!! Annnnnnd..... My ex actually came thru after he made me lose my shit at work. So on the motherfuckerometer he redeemed a few points at the end there. He basically found someone to buy the shit I needed and help him install it. Said someone whom I will have to pay back but.... I'm not riding on the complain train today. I have hot water. It is heaven on earth.

In other news I just bought Zac Brown Band tickets for me and my daughter. I just might be the coolest mom ever to walk the face of the planet Earth. And before you go get all Judgey McJudgerson on my ass because yes, I am still broker than broke.... I decided awhile back that bills or not I was gonna keep making memories. Because there are no guarantees here folks. I realize that I have tons of responsibilities financially that I need to be taking better care of and I am. There are lots of things that I don't do with my money anymore. There are lots of things I have given up completely, but I am not giving up the occasional dinner out, concert or even a short, cheap weekend jaunt with the kids to a football game or the beach. Those are times we get to just be together and enjoy each other. And who really knows how many of those opportunities you get??? I am 43 years old and I will never forget going to see Jimmy Buffett with my Dad when I was about 17. It was just me and him cause he was a parrot head before it was cool to be a parrot head. We sat on the lawn and he drank beer and we did "Fins"  and sang "Volcano" at the top of our lungs. And I will never forget that night. And that's the point.

Funny thing... after all my tears and agida yesterday everything turned out ok. My world didn't come crashing down around me even though it kind of felt like it might. I took a deep breath and said "ok well let's see how this shakes out" and it did... satisfactorily. Money is money and things are just things. At the end of my days I likely will not be thinking about the day my hot water heater essssploded and I cried at work.

But I might think about sitting on the lawn, drinkin a cold beer and  watching Zac Brown with Olivia and belting out "Toes".

So on that note... let's #backthatazzup with Whitney and go make some memories this weekend!

Toes by Zac Brown Band on Grooveshark


  1. OH MY GOSH I needed to hear this today. So so so much. And I wish we lived closer because my husband and I would totally come over to help fix all your broken stuff! :)

  2. dang never would have guessed you were 43. You dont look any older than 25. j/s :D That should make you feel good today and i'm be dead honest. I was shocked to see that you said you were 43. I was like not huh. she's exaggerating. LOL My cousin just saw Zac Brown band in columbus thursday and said he rocked. plus they had some awesome pics of him. :D hope you two have fun and that's what life is about. Making great memories.

  3. I LOVE THIS. life will throw shit at you like a monkey throws feces but that doesn't mean you have to stop make memories. i would have done the same (and i can't wait until kayla is old enough to go to concerts!)

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Good for you, girl!!! NEVER stop making those memories! :D