Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I love Wednesday. We are half way thru the week and it's my kid free weekend and payday and St. Patty's weekend and hope fully some other good shit that I don't even know about yet. Fingers crossed. 

So lets get to the confessions....

I have had 2 lights on on my dashboard for over a week one for an oil change and one telling me my right front tire was low on air.... swear to God they were on I was just waiting till this payday to go get my oil changed. Today they are off. Both of them. I am not insane. They were on yesterday.... I think.

I have a date tonight. I know I said I was off men for awhile or dating or whatever I said. And I am except for tonight. He's been asking for awhile so I figured what the hell. Hopefully it ends better than the last one. We are meeting at a bar so no chance of him parking it on my couch while I play housewife in the kitchen. I plan to get at least a few glasses of wine in me while parked on a bar stool outta this one. Wish me luck:)

I want to make Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. I don't have any reason to but I really want to. Just looka here at these little handfuls of alcohol infused baked goodness. It's a Guinness cupcake with a glob (technical term) of Jameson whiskey infused chocolate ganache inside topped with Bailey's icing. Heaven!!!

The new Bravo show Southern Charm... 

OK I watched it twice. It's so awful.
Where do they find these losers? And why are they rich and not me??? As far as I can tell Thomas, Shep and Whitney are kind of sleazy and disgusting. Jury out on the rest. 

I miss Happy Endings... did anyone else watch this show? These were like real people, I can't believe it got cancelled...

Now go have a great hump day:)



  1. i LOVE happy endings!! such a great show; penny and max were the best. i think they cancelled this because they couldn't find a spot for it and because they kept on changing the time slot, no one knew where to go to watch it and ratings fell.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I hope your date goes fabulously OR you get some good stories out of it. And I have had a tire pressure light on for ages but my car still passed inspection- go figure!

  3. Just got my oil changed up in here as well last weekend for the same reason!

  4. Hey Amy, good luck on your date! ;) xx


  5. I LOVE Happy Endings, I can't believe it went off the air as quick as it did. Good Luck on your date tonight, I'll be ready to read about it next week! HA!

  6. I hope your date doesn't turn out to be the guy that needs kicked in the balls, just make sure you get lots o free wine!

  7. Hah! I hate those damn car lights. My oil change light is on too, but I'm also waiting for payday.

  8. I get an instant anxiety attack whenever a dashboard light goes on! Not fun

  9. I miss Happy Endings so much! Jane and I are such kindred spirits ;-) I am usually on board with every awful Bravo show....hated Southern Charm and not in a good way. Cameron was the only redeeming factor but then I heard she was on like MTV road rules already and I was like I'm over her as well. My car is always yelling at me about something. Especially the tires....the low gas chime is the same as something is majorly wrong with your engine and every time it goes me a straight up panic attack. Good luck on your date!

  10. Oh mannnn... I can't wait to hear about how your date goes!

  11. How was that date? Visiting from Kathy's linkup.