Sh*t Men Say Eleven Year Old Boy Edition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As you all know I have no mans in my life right now except for the boy child and the boy dog, who is also a lot like a child. So this month I am bringing you a special edition of this here link up.

As a Mom, nothing strikes fear in my heart more then when one of my kids calls me or texts me at work in some sort of panic. I guess... 1. I am a worrier and 2. Being a single parent is stressful cause I am the one that gets all of the emergency calls whether it is "I forgot my Homework'" or "I threw up in class... on my teacher... please come now".  Yeah... I panic too cause you just never know what can happen in public school these days and I really try hard not to think about it too much.

But yesterday I got series of rapid messages (which always invokes sheer terror) from my son. Here is the exchange:


Ok..... as a Mom nothing makes you feel worse than thinking your kid is hungry and you didn't give them enough to eat. Or worse... they forgot the beautiful lunch you so lovingly packed for them. However this was not the case... and here's why this is funny.... my eleven year old boy is already possessing clearly male traits.

"Can you Put a dollar in my lunch account now"
He decided he needed me to do something for him and he needed me to stop what I was doing and do it now. Man all the way.

"I have nothing to eat"
He didn't forget his lunch he just needed more food and he was clearly cranky about it. All men posses this one.

He ate his Cheetos in first period.
Junk food first... I think he gets this one from me.

"It's stupid that you have to BUY lunch"
I agree. Food should be free. Especially when you're hungry!

So I packed him enough food today for a pint sized lumberjack. How much you wanna bet he comes home and says "Mom... why did you pack me so much for lunch?"

But seriously, how could you not love this little big man. I think he's just the cutest thing ever. And he really is super sweet and the most loving of all 3 of my kids toward me. It's that mother son thing I guess. I will forgive his being hangry once in awhile. It happens to the best of us!

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Linking up with muh girls Amanda & Danae for another one!

Cheers ladies!


  1. hahah this is a great spin on the linkup. i should do a "shit my 5yr old says".

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Bahahah! he's right, you SHOULDN'T have to pay for food! What a bunch of bullshit! SPENCER FOR PRESIDENT!

  3. hahahaha it IS stupid that you have to buy lunch! Free food is the best food!!

  4. BUY lunch? ugh can you imagine? ;) TOO funny :)

  5. Who can honestly ever wait to eat Cheetos though? I feel you, Spencer!

  6. he's a growing boy it sounds like. I got confused at the part about you know what happens in schools now. ??? explain if you can please. I'm lost. Come find me :p

  7. lol I just ate Cheetos so this was extra funny!!!

  8. At first I was like "awww... he forgot his lunch." Then I laughed because he ate it for breakfast/brunch! Totally a little man already :)

  9. Oh you are telling me it starts this early with them??? "Where are the chips????" my head I'm internally screaming "oh never mind found them in the cabinet"....yes darling where they are always housed.
    I would eat the cheetos first too!

  10. I love that you did your son! This is so funny because I thought he forgot his lunch and didn't have anything to eat and then bam he is just a man and needs an endless supply of food.

  11. I agree with kathy, maybe a shit my kids say is in order too! Granted they haven't mastered a filter yet so they should always be forgiven, men on the other hand. #NoExcuses. Love this!

  12. Haha. Yes, when I'm hungry I definitely want free food!