The Stages of Crazy

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Go insane, Go insane. Throw some GLITTER, Make it rain." - Ke$ha

Have you ever hear of the 5 stages of Crazy? Yeah.. me neither.

How about Grief? ... here they are

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance... jeesus no thanks

Turns out there are stages for death, labor, cancer, divorce, relationships, love, break up...and I'm sure many more because we humans like that sort of thing. Knowing that what we are going thru is "normal" and someone has gone before us makes us feel O.K. during the times in our lives when we are feeling most definitely not O.K. 

But What about Crazy?

Are there stages for that? I'm not talking about real, need medication, men in little white coats crazy. I'm talking about the kind of crazy you experience when your life takes a turn you didn't plan for... never saw coming. The shit that throws you for a loop and sucker punches you in the stomach. The big stuff that changes your course... forever. The little stuff that can sometimes have a ripple effect and end up becoming big stuff. No one can prepare you for that. At least most of the people I talk to say really not helpful things like "Girl... I don't know what to tell ya... I just can't imagine. Bless Ur Heart (aka you stupid fuck)" Because we all have our shit and we can empathize and sympathize to a certain extent but sometimes we all end up in the same but uniquely different personal stage of crazy. 

I think I know what a few of those stages are and I might could expand upon them at some point but the one I'm most fixated on right now is where I'm at... IDGAF.

MORE than just an abbreviation for "I Dont Give A Fuck." IDGAF is an attitude..a brazen spirit...A state of mind..

To be IDGAF is to have high energy that's legit, charismatic and ultimately, positive in every way. In no way is it negative, as long as it is used with moderation and consideration of the environment. (for example being sexually assertive idgaf on a first date may not be the best idea, unless you know she's into it ;)

IDGAF-ery is a common trait among ballers, musicians, pimps, sensual lovers, dancers and MLBCs.
Nick: "c'mon John, this is the last bus that gets us across town, I'm not gonna rap and break dance down the bus aisle while you be droppin' beats...we'll get all kinds of annoyed responses and probably get us kicked off."

John: "hey man, IDGAF!!! No worries."

Ok so that's the Urban Dictionary definition of IDGAF and ya'll know how much I like the Urban Dictionary. It's not a negative thing at all, it's just something we all go thru... with work, family, relationships, body image, food, alcohol, money. You name it, on any given day you just might not give a flying fuck about something and if so... come sit by me. Cause I  am right there with ya and I am pretty sure I will be there for a minute or two.

Soooo I am thinking this needs to be my first link up opportunity. What do you guys think? Not sure about all of the deetz yet but I just need someone to tell me how to make a "go insane throw some glitter make it rain button" and we can IDGAF on the weekly... maybe?

I ...IDGAF on the daily so this won't be problematic for me but for some of you this might be a way to vent and release with no judgement and all of us here to validate your IDGAF-ery.  Anything goes... IDGAF on your Grandma I don't care... but try not to cause I dig old people. Other than that...go for it!

Cause I am here to say it's really ok to say IDGAF now and then... but don't take my word for it. Just do yourself a a favor, try everything once and know that sometimes it's ok not to know.

You only get one time on this planet.

"Crazy Kids" - Ke$ha

We are who we are,

Little Friday


  1. I'd link up sometimes there are lots of things IDGAF about! Making a button is easy, use Picmonkey for the design and I'll email you the button code right now! :)

  2. There are a zillion things IDGAF about often.

  3. I think it is important to IDGAF every once in a while!

  4. I'd definitely link up every once in a while! I already do one weekly link-up... that's my only hold up for not doing it weekly - otherwise I'd be spewing forth many many things! haha