Mean People Suck...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Love it.

I consider myself a pretty tough girl as far as girls go. But at my core I am a genuinely "nice" person. I hate the word nice but for the purposes of this post it really fits. I am nice. Blech... it's such a milk toast vanilla word. But I am. I hate fighting. I hate yelling and screaming. Yelling at kids doesn't count, you have to do that to some degree. But with other adults??? No way. I am not a name caller. I don't let every curse word fly out of my mouth and into the face of another person during a heated moment. I'm more likely to ugly cry and snot all over you. Don't get me wrong I curse all the time as you all know but to me.... a word like "fucking" is as much and adjective as it is a verb. It is punctuation and description and colorful. Not hateful or venomous or vile. For example it would be eleventy bajillion times more likely for me to say "I fucking love you" and mean it than for me to say "I fucking hate you" or "you're a fucking piece of shit" and mean it even once. It's just not the way I express myself. And if you do, you do... everybody is different! But you might wanna check yourself... it's not good for your blood pressure.

My ex was a mean, nasty fighter. I got called every name in the book over the years. He did what a lot of men do and would go for the jugular during a fight... assaulting looks, weight, intelligence, dysfunctional family members, income, etc. Real personal stuff that hurts. It sucked in a major way but it's not something I care to dwell on. I get it when that happens in a marriage, there are deep feelings and connections between two married people and years, perhaps decades of history. It's not right or healthy but I understand why it happens.

What I don't understand is being on the receiving end of ugly vitreal from a stranger or a virtual stranger let's say. Even a co-worker, client, business related person makes a little sense to me but someone you really don't even know???? How can people be so... just plain mean? What is it about them that is missing or broken that makes them want to go out of their way to say something unpleasant to someone who they have no real connection or history with?

I normally don't sweat stuff from people that mean nothing to me. But it happened to me twice this week. Twice!!! Two separate people went out of their way to just not be nice, to be the opposite of nice in fact. People that don't even know who I really am or what my life is like. Not that it matters what my life is like but the point is how do you behave badly to someone who you really have no connection with? How do you say or do something mean spirited to someone who means nothing to you in the big picture? I don't get it. Never have, never will. Cause I am nice and because I know when you do stuff like that it comes back to you, sometimes in spades.

So before we get to backin our azzes up with the loverly Whit-nayyyyy I do want to add one teeninetsy message to those special folks who tried to put their assholean juju on me this week...

"Go Fuck Yourselves"

And I mean that as a verb in the nicest possible way. That is all.

And if I could pick a song to play as I'm walking away it would be this little jam.

Enjoy & Have a NICE weekend,


  1. I think people like that are mean because it makes them feel better about their sorry ass selves.

  2. That would be a badass jam to walk away to, too! I'm a nice person, too. I think. Ha! ;)

  3. i think people are mean to others because bottom line is: they're miserable and that's their way of making others miserable so they don't feel as bad. frankly, i feel sorry for those people who are inherently rotten to the core and will die a very lonely, angry and uneventful life.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Ugh tell me where they are at girl....they will regret that decision after I'm done with them. Clearly if someone is going out to their way to be straight up ugly....they have miserable sh*t going on with them and took it out on you. Well know that there are lots of people that love you and think you are badass! xoxooxo hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Amy! ''Mean people suck'' was my mantra this week. Literally from beginning to end! I finally decided to un-friend this jerk on FB! He was soo darn mean. I dedicated a WHOLE status to him.. Declaring that I hate mean people and I hope they get swallowed up by a sink hole only to be joined by 'other mean people'..and sorts! Wishing you a peaceful weekend my dear! hagw! xo


  6. girl i got called every name in the book from my ex and heck we weren't even married. i could go on for days but i won't. i will say he likes to make himself look good so he won't ever admit what he did to me over the 7 yrs and its clear why he won't. b/c his ass deserves to be 8 ft deep if not burnt. yea i won't say he's mean i will say he deserves worse.

  7. Two words.

    Mad. Respect.

    Seriously love this post and your whole attitude on this whole meanness BS.

  8. hope those mean people don't get under your skin too much, they're not worth your time or energy.

  9. Was it someone in blogland?! :( I haven't come across any trolls yet, thank god.

  10. I'm a nice person too. Not to be mistaken for weak, though. I'm not sure what provokes someone to be mean, but who fucking cares? Not your problemo! We all have different things going on and it's impossible to know. Hope you get double the niceness this week to make up for it :).

  11. Love your candid blog so much !! Keep it up mama!!!!